'Teen Mom' Mackenzie McKee Asked Fans to Honor Mom Angie in This Way Before Her Death

In the days before Angie Douthit's death Monday, Mackenzie McKee asked Teen Mom fans everywhere to remember one simple lesson her mother always embodied. On the Friday before Douthit's passing, which came after a lengthy cancer battle, the MTV personality asked that as her followers pray for her mom, they ask "that she not be in pain anymore," explaining, "Everything hurts right now and she is miserable."

In their own lives, McKee added people who were affected by Douthit and her faith to "always be kind today" and every day, adding the information for the Angie's Race fund that her mom's supporters had set up during her earlier treatment after being asked how people could help support the family in this difficult time.

Just four days later, Douthit's family announced she had passed away late Monday.

"Momma [Angie Douthit] has crossed the finish line," McKee wrote on her own profile. "She did not lose the battle, she [won]. She is healed and running in heaven in eternity. Idk anyone who left earth with such an impact."

"Your entire life you never [wasted] a chance to let the world know Gods love," she continued. "When we would try to brag on what an amazing person you are you would respond with 'it’s not me, it’s God.'"

Asking, "Could you imagine this world if we all lived like Angie Douthit?" McKee credited her mother with living a life completely in line with her own faith.

"She always said 'it’s easy, we were put on earth to share Gods love.' And boy did she," the bodybuilder recalled. "700 daily post for you guys to read daily, hundreds of speaking engagements even when she could barely walk or speak, she simply trusted That God would speak through her."


McKee ended her tribute with a message to her mom, writing, "Momma, i did not deserve you. But you loved me so unconditionally. You were the glue that held me together. The one who always believed in me. Idk what I will do without you but I hope this goes by fast so I can hurry and come be with you."

Photo credit: MTV