'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans' Son Reportedly Hospitalized, Under CPS Care

Evans' son Jace is reportedly being placed in foster care after his release from the hospital.

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans' son Jace has reportedly been hospitalized under the care of Child Protective Services after running away from home again. TMZ reports that Jace took off from his grandmother Barbara's home on Saturday night after she took his phone away from him as punishment for getting caught vaping at school. He was found on Sunday and has since been placed under the watch of medical professionals until he can be placed in a foster home.

Notably, this is at least the fourth time that Jace has run away from home since August. Jace was reported missing in North Carolina on Tuesday. According to TMZ, the Brunswick County Sheriff's Department put out an alert after Jace was last seen leaving school around 2:45 p.m. local time. He was later found safe. The former Teen Mom 2 cast member's manager August Keen told TMZ, "Jace has been found, and is safely at home with Jenelle and his family, thank you to the Brunswick Co. Sheriff's Department and to everyone else for their concerns."

Barbara later accused her reality TV star daughter of taking her son Jace off of his medication, which she believed contributed to his decision to run away. Speaking to TMZ, Barbara stated that when Jenelle was awarded custody of Jace earlier this year, she took him off his ADHD medicine. Barbara also claimed that Jenelle stopped allowing Jace to see his behavioral specialist, who had been working with him for some time.

In response to her mother's claims, Jenelle sent a statement to TMZ. "Barbara has not been in contact with Jace since Monday. I have cut off contact with her as of 3 weeks ago," she said. "Barbara doesn't have any idea what is going on inside my home. Jace had a therapist appointment today on Zoom at 10:30am ... she hasn't even attempted to speak to Jace directly." Jace had been on his ADHD medication for about seven years, per Barbara.

As previously noted, Evans was awarded custody of Jace back in March. Barbara had been given custody when Jace was young and, throughout the years, Evans and Barbara had a tumultuous relationship over Jace. In 2017, Evans called 911 to claim her mother was abusing Jace, alleging that he called her crying. Speaking to Radar Online, Barbara stated that wasn't accurate. "Jace had been having a meltdown," Barbara told the outlet. "He has ADHD and his medication was starting to wear off. He was just so upset, throwing toys at me and kicking the walls."

"By the time the police came he was calm. I told them he's having a meltdown. His ADHD medicine wears off at night. I showed them the medicine and told them this is starting to kick in," she added. Barbara also addressed the fact that Jace does suffer from ADHD and revealed that she felt it necessary to let people know. "I want people to know that Jace has ADHA," she said. "Anyone who has a child who has ADHD knows exactly where I'm coming from. They know how bad it can be."