'Teen Mom' Alum Farrah Abraham Just Got the COVID-19 Vaccine

Farrah Abraham has become the latest star to receive their COVID-19 vaccine. The former Teen Mom star revealed Monday that she recently received the vaccine, and she used the moment to encourage her followers to get vaccinated as soon as they are eligible. Abraham shared the news on Instagram, where she posted a short clip documenting the vaccination process, which only took a few seconds.

In the video, Abraham can be seen sitting as a healthcare worker administers the injection, which appeared to be painless. Along with getting the vaccine, Abraham also wore a stylish face mask. The mom of one shared the clip alongside a caption reading, "G.I Joe - Mom reporting for duty [COVID vaccine] complete." She advised that women "who have compromised immune systems" should "prioritize your [COVID-19] vaccine." She added a series of hashtags including "womans history month," "health," "safety," "minorities medicine," and "immune system."

While Abraham was doing her part to help slow the virus' transmission, her receiving the vaccine did prompt some backlash from those wondering how she was able to get it so soon and before other groups, with one person asking, "how are you getting vaccinated before teachers?" Another person said they were wondering how the former MTV star got "vaccinated before most general public. If she has a compromised immune system, what qualifies as such?" That person noted that they also "have a compromised immune system and haven't been offered the vaccine" and wondered in Abraham's eligibility came down to "a social/celebrity status." Somebody else questioned, "wasn't a vaccine only for first responders and elderly people not even teachers like me to get the vaccine how did she even," with somebody else writing, "My 73 yo mom can't get a vaccine but you can. Omg." Abraham refrained from responding to any of the backlash.

Vaccine eligibility varies from state to state. As vaccines were approved by the FDA, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued recommendations on who should be the first to receive the vaccine. The CDC suggested that healthcare personnel and long-term care facility residents should be the first to receive the vaccine, followed by other frontline essential workers and those aged 75 and over. After that, the CDC recommended people aged 16—64 years with underlying medical conditions receive the vaccine. While some states have followed these recommendations, others have established their own criteria. You can find your state's COVID-19 vaccine information by clicking here.