'Teen Mom' Fans Think They Spot Baby Bump on Maci Bookout

Teen Mom OG fans have been convinced for a while now that Maci Bookout is expecting another baby, and they're pointing to new videos posted by husband Taylor McKinney as evidence of a secret pregnancy.

On Nov. 29, McKinney shared video of the couple's home all decorated for the holidays, catching an unsuspecting Bookout walking around upstairs. Through the banister and blurry image, some fans were dead set on seeing a baby bump on the reality personality, as first reported by InTouch.

Maci Bookout baby bump
(Photo: Instagram/Taylor McKinney)

The mother of three also had fans suspecting she was expecting baby number four at Halloween, when a family photo looked to be Photoshopped around her belly area. Bookout is already mom to 10-year-old son Bentley with ex Ryan Edwards, as well as 3-year-old daughter Jayde and 2-year-old son Maverick with McKinney.

Fans might want to rethink crying "pregnancy" at every photo of Bookout, however. The MTV star has been open about her polycystic ovary syndrome on the show, which can result in a number of symptoms including fertility issues and increased chance of miscarrying. In August, Bookout retweeted a fan writing, "Like [Maci Bookout] I have PCOS. For the media to keep saying she is pregnant while she could potentially be struggling with fertility etc. is disgusting [in my opinion]."

Bookout and McKinney have also been open about their 2017 miscarriage on the show.

"I had a miscarriage," Bookout during a January episode of the show. "Her name is Dande. Dandelion."

The two have expressed the desire to adopt after going through that tragedy.

“If you seriously want to have another baby then I’ll do it. But I still want to adopt too. If that’s really what you want naturally I want to do it now," she told him.

The two were thinking about adopting just a few years out, after mourning the loss of their miscarried child fully.

"Whenever I think about having another biological child, I immediately go back to that baby that we lost," she told McKinney. "I think that we still have some grieving to do before we have fully accepted what happened, and I just don't want to make that decision thinking it will fix or replace the loss. It's just too fresh."


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Photo credit: Denise Trusciello/WireImage