'Teen Mom' Star Briana DeJesus Shades Kailyn Lowry by Liking Instagram Meme

Teen Mom 2 fans caught Briana DeJesus revealing her true feelings on co-star Kailyn Lowry this week by looking at her "liked" posts on Twitter.

DeJesus was accused of throwing shade at Lowry when she liked a meme about their MTV reality show. The post mocked the current state of Lawry's love life, especially in comparison to those of her co-stars.

Briana being petty on instagram. from r/teenmom

"Everyone has moved on and happy with their new loves! Meanwhile, Kail is still a bitter b—, obsessing over her deadbeat baby daddy who won't claim her and looking more like Mama June everyday," the post read. It included photos Jo Rivera with Vee Torres, Javi Marroquin with Lauren Comeau and Briana with her new boyfriend as well. The fourth panel had a close up shot of Lowry.

After one fan noticed that DeJesus had liked the post, they alerted others, drawing attention to the subtle dig by re-posting it on Reddit.

"Maybe don't just post on social media ragging on your ex's ex?" one fan advised. "That shows how 'happy' and 'over it' you are."

"That's just mean. Briana you are the LAST person who needs to be talking, when you can't function without a man," added another.

Many Redditors were particularly upset to see DeJesus expressing smugness -- even in her likes -- because her own relationship is relatively new.

"Oh she's had a bf for a week and now she's part of the strong couples who are happy together group," one person mused. "Ok."

Of course, for all those calling DeJesus out, there were others insisting that they were making a mountain out of a mole hill. Some argued that a "like" on social media does not constitute an endorsement, and there could have been any number of reasons for DeJesus tapping the heart icon beside that post.

"Some of you are slow and going off on some weird hateful tirade about her and it's hilarious," someone observed. "She liked the post, she didn't post it. Calm down."


"She just liked it," echoed another. "What a big deal for a like."

In the end, fans from both camps came together on one common observation: the Teen Mom franchise has focused more and more on the interactions between its stars. One fan even argued that Teen Mom 2 "Has more of a Love & Hip Hop type of reality show vibe now. It was interesting when each girl had their individual life, but now it's morphed into this weird, petty, over the top (but not really) pathetic show for ratings. Nothing is real anymore and they are suddenly so concerned with each other."