'Teen Mom': Amber Portwood Takes Aim at Kristina and Gary Shirley After Reunion Storm Off

During the first part of the Teen Mom OG reunion, Amber Portwood stormed off of the stage after her ex, Gary Shirley, broke the news that their daughter Leah was in therapy. Portwood, who has been adamant about wanting Leah to go to therapy so that they can work through their issues, wasn't pleased to hear this news for the first time on camera. The MTV personality did come back to the stage in the second part of the reunion, which aired on Tuesday night, and she had plenty to say to both Shirley and his wife, Kristina. 

When Portwood did walk off of the stage, she was followed by reunion co-host Dr. Drew Pinsky. They encountered Kristina, who was waiting backstage to be brought on. Portwood asked her. "How would you feel if you weren't told about your daughter going to therapy?" She went on to tell Pinsky that she has spoken about this matter with Kristina, who was supportive of Leah attending therapy when Shirley was not. 

Pinsky eventually got the reunion back on track, with Portwood returning to the stage and Kristina being brought on. At that point, the reunion co-host said that he wanted to hear Kristina's take on the situation since she's also a mother. Kristina then explained why Leah did not want her mother knowing about her therapy session until now, saying that the 13-year-old wanted it to be kept quiet so that she and Portwood could eventually get their relationship on a positive track. 

Portwood said that she could see it from that perspective. Still, she wanted to be told this information about her daughter off-camera. Shirley explained that their daughter simply didn't want the news to spread too much since it pertains to a personal matter. Even though the segment began on a bit of a contentious note, it seemed as though Portwood, Shirley, and Kristina were able to move past the situation and are in a good place today. Portwood even apologized to Kristina for her past social media outbursts. The reality star added that she unfairly targeted her, as she placed the blame on Kristina for her fractured relationship with Leah. She added that she's happy that Kristina is in her life today.