'Teen Mom': Amber Portwood Makes Startling Admission About Past Legal Issues Amid Family Drama

As Teen Mom OG fans know, Amber Portwood's relationship with her daughter Leah has been strained as of late. On Tuesday night's episode, Portwood opened up about that relationship, explaining that she hasn't heard from Leah in quite some time. During a conversation she had with her therapist about the matter, Portwood broke down. She said that she wished that her daughter could understand that she only did certain things in her past in order to be alive and well in order to take care of her.

During the episode, Portwood said that she wanted to go to therapy with Leah so that they could work through their issues together. But, she said that Leah's father, her ex Gary Shirley, wasn't on board with that idea. When they did showcase Shirley's take on the situation, he told his wife Kristina that he would be supportive of Leah going to therapy with Portwood. However, the 12-year-old does not wish to go. He said that he doesn't want to force her into going simply to make Portwood feel better about the matter. He did say that he was going to give Leah time to possibly come around to the idea. 

Portwood's frustrations only grew when she did not hear back from Shirley or Leah about attending therapy. She said as such when she spoke with her own therapist. The reality TV star explained through tears that she believes that Leah resents her because she went to jail when she was at a young age. As Us Weekly reported, Portwood was originally sentenced to five years in prison in 2012 on drug-related charges. She was released in November 2013 after serving nearly 17 months in prison. 

She told her therapist that she wants Leah to understand that she did what was best for her at the time when it came to that prison stint. She said that if she hadn't gone to prison, she "wouldn't be alive" today. Portwood added, "And Leah hates me for it and I can't tell her that. I just want her to love me again and just want her to understand that everything I did was to be alive for her." Portwood wasn't able to come to any understanding with her daughter during Tuesday's episode, so fans will have to continue to tune in to see how this situation plays out. 


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