'Teen Mom' Cast Member McKenzie McKee Shares Photo of Mother Battling Brain Cancer

A former Teen Mom cast member is facing a difficult time with her mother.

Mackenzie McKee, who appeared in MTV's 2013 Teen Mom 3, wrote on Twitter on Tuesday that her mother was diagnosed with brain cancer.

The former reality star asked her fans to pray for her mother, Angie Douthit, after their family found out the news.

"All prayer warriors. Please pray for my mom. What we thought was bronchitis turned out to be 3 masses on her brain, 1 large one in her lungs and multiple blood clots," McKee wrote in a series of tweets. "We are in shock and devastated. She has brain surgery tomorrow. I'm sick. I'm so sick and want to wake up from this nightmare."

TMZ reports that a source close to the family says Douthit was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer.

On Wednesday, McKee shared a photo of her mother, a teacher, sitting up in her hospital bed. "This is my mom threatening the doctors that she will call #TheGoodDoctor," McKee tweeted.

McKee's family has set up a GoFundMe page for Douthit, writing that the masses "cover almost the entire brain."

The description of the campaign mentions that Douthit underwent brain surgery to see how far the cancer spread and that she will undergo chemotherapy and radiation.

"Angie has always been the healthiest person. Always eating everything organic. Doesn't smoke and never did, doesn't drink and she runs marathons and works out 2-3 times a day. Cancer does not run in the family. So this has come as a complete shock to the family," the page reads.

McKee shared a collage of photos of her mother on Instagram.


"The most amazing woman I know. She taught me everything I know. She is the only reason I am the woman I am today," McKee wrote in the caption. "I love you Mom. I'm devastated, I'm angry, I'm shook.m, I can't breath. You are everything. Please pray @angiedouthit."

Photo credit: Twitter / @DouthitKenzie