'Teen Mom 2' Star Leah Messer Shoots Downs Rumors She Got Cheek Fillers

Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer responded to rumors she got cheek fillers, telling fans that even if she wanted fillers, it is "my body, my life."

On Wednesday, Messer shared a gallery of photos to show how she has changed over the past years, along with a statement about the fillers rumors.

"It's sad that I have to post anything about this, but since media outlets are already contacting me in regards to comments made on my last post about me getting cheek fillers," she wrote. "Here is MY statement, along with a blast from the past over the last 10 years that shows just how much I have transformed into the healthiest, best version of myself."

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She continued, "It's called taking better care of yourself, loving yourself and embracing yourself for who you are! I'm a completely different person on the inside and it radiates on the outside, people! Why do you think I'm so motivated to be an inspirational, self-help, life coach and start a program? My passion is to help others love themselves and radiate their light from within! With that being said, I did have some small cosmetic work done on my teeth and what I really want is to get my boobs done – FYI! (Just being real!)"

In the end, she wrote, "Not to mention, I have gained weight, but thanks for the comments on looking fuller to point that out to me, [laughing out loud]! If I wanted to have fillers and whatever else done one day, it's my body, my life and we should be empowering and uplifting to each other as women and not take the first opportunity to tear each other down!"

Messer, 27, got support from her fans in the Instagram comments, including fellow Teen Mom 2 star Kailin Lowry.

"You can do whatever you want, babe! If you feel good and they're not f—ing you, feeding or financing you than their opinions don't matter," Lowry wrote. "Lemons to lemonade."

Messer has three daughters, Adalynn Faith Calvert, 6, and 9-year-old twins Aliannah Hope Simms and Aleeah Grace Simms.

During the Teen Mom 2 season reunion, Messer hinted she was getting back with Jeremy Calvert, her husband from 2011 to 2015, after dating Jason Jordan.

Calvert called Jordan a "super controlling dude," explaining, "I'd call Leah, and 10 minutes go by and she'd call me back. It's on speaker phone, it's almost like she couldn't answer the phone call unless Jason could monitor what was being said."

Calvert said he disliked Jordan because he was unwilling to be open with him.

"If she could find somebody that's a great guy — at first I kind of liked this guy, so I was happy for them. It wasn't like I was a bit jealous, I was happy she had a good guy, he has a job, he seems to have a good head on his shoulders and he's around my kid. What else could you ask for?" Calvert said during the finale. "But then he turned out to be a f—ing stalker."

Calvert and Messer were asked where their relationship is now, Calvert first said he did not know, but then said he considers himself "single."


"This weekend we've had fun," Messer chimed in with a laugh.