'Teen Mom 2' Star Briana DeJesus' Daughter Hospitalized

Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus took her daughter Stella to the hospital on Friday and is doing well now.

DeJesus shared videos from the hospital trip on her Instagram Story Friday. One clip showed Stella in DeJesus' arms, with a crying emoji on it. However, in the next video, the Teen Mom personality asked Stella if she was OK. Stella smiled from ear-to-ear, responding in the affirmative to her mother.

"Of course my baby's ok," DeJesus said. "Say I love you! Say I love you!"

briana dejesus daughter hospitalzied instagram
(Photo: Instagram/Briana DeJesus)

DeJesus laughed before the end of the clip.

The MTV star did not provide further details on her daughter's most recent hospitalization.

This is not the first time Stella has been hospitalized. Back in August 2018, the toddler underwent heart surgery. In February, Stella had emergency surgery.

"A few days ago I noticed Stella was having trouble moving her arms, so I took her to the hospital," DeJesus explained in a sneak peek for an episode of Teen Mom 2. "It turns out she had a serious bacterial infection and had to have emergency surgery. She's doing a little better now, but we have to stay at the hospital a few days so they can monitor her."

DeJesus' mother, Roxanne, said in an episode that Stella could need to take antibiotics for at least two months.

"It's called septic arthritis. The infection is in her joint in her shoulder," Roxanne said. "Basically, Stella could stay in there [the hospital] until Tuesday or Wednesday. She's on antibiotics. They said that ... she could be on antibiotics until a month or two."

Stella is DeJesus' child with ex-boyfriend Luis Hernandez. She is also the mother of Nova, whose father is Devoin Austin. She is now dating John Rodriguez.

DeJesus has publicly criticized the fathers of her children, accusing them of not helping out financially. Earlier this month, she took to Twitter to vent about Hernandez and Austin.

"Honestly f— both my baby daddies right now [laughing my a— off]," she wrote in one tweet.

She also ranted about Teen Mom 2 itself, writing, "All I am going to say is, this 'tv show' I am on means nothing to me...the only thing I care about are both my kids…and if you are willing to put my kids in danger we got some real problems."


Teen Mom 2 airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.