Jenelle Evans Kicks Out 'Teen Mom 2' Film Crew in Wedding Freak Out

Jenelle Evans might have been auditioning for a spot on Bridezillas in the latest episode of Teen Mom 2, throwing a tantrum and kicking MTV crews off her property while preparing for her wedding to now-husband David Eason.

While Jenelle and David rushed around getting things done for their upcoming nuptials, Jenelle said she felt like she had "no f--king friends" and was being ignored by her groom, who was laying sod for the ceremony.

"I want him to ask me what's wrong with me right now," Jenelle responded when film crew members asked why she was upset. "I'm doing all the planning by myself, I shouldn't have to do this all by myself."

When David suggests the camera crew leave while Jenelle calms down, the 25-year-old took it to the next level, screaming at producers to get off her property.

"You guys need to leave for the rest of the f--cking day!" she yelled. "Everyone needs to leave!"

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When one producer asked if they were welcome back for the following day's rehearsal dinner, Jenelle said she wasn't even sure the wedding would happen.

"We can just cancel the whole f--king wedding!" she yelled.

Part of the problem appeared to be drama over not inviting Jenelle's mom Barbara, who she called a "b-tch" during her tantrum.

“I love you with ALL my heart, and all the trees hearts.” 😂💋

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She and her mom have always had a combative relationship, but being excluded from Jenelle's wedding appeared to be too much for Barbara.

David told Jenelle's 8-year-old son Jace, over whom Barbara has custody, that Jenelle's mom wasn't invited so that the day could be free from fighting. Times when the two are together generally end in a fight, so Jenelle's friends said they understood the reasoning.

But Barbara saw a more insidious motive behind her exclusion.

"I know that it's all David," she told a friend. "David has wanted since the get go to get me away from Jenelle. He's alienating me from Jenelle."

Barbara then switched up her reasoning, saying Jenelle told her she wouldn't be invited unless she gave up custody of Jace, Jenelle's oldest child.

"If you cant get along with me for the sake of Jace I don't understand," she said.

But Barbara's friend said David couldn't be as bad as she was saying.

"He takes care of your grandkids, he cant be the worst person in the world," she said.


Jenelle and David do eventually get married, and the ceremony is to be broadcast on next week's episode of Teen Mom 2.

Teen Mom 2 airs Mondays at 9 p.m. EST on MTV.