'Teen Mom 2': Jenelle Evans' Mom Concerned Husband David Eason 'Keeping Her Like a Prisoner'

Jenelle Evans' mom Barbars is worried for her daughter as the fallout from the Teen Mom 2 star's 911 call plays out.

In Monday's episode of the MTV reality show, Jenelle once again refused to film after denying that the call to police she made accusing husband David Eason of physically abusing her was anything more than a "drunken misunderstanding" last week.

Mom Barbara explained to producers asking why Jenelle was unwilling to film that Eason being fired from Teen Mom 2 for his homophobic rants online had caused Jenelle to buck the film crew.

"She's mad because David was fired from MTV," Barbara said. "Why are you blaming the whole world for that? It's nobody's fault but his own. I think it's the call, and now people are calling her out on it and people are saying what happened and she doesn't know how to turn that around."

Despite David being banned from filming, both he and Jenelle showed up to film at Jace's soccer game, meaning that MTV had to shut down production for the day. This angered Jenelle enough that she bombarded the crew with angry messages when they looked to reschedule.

"YOU ARE RUINING MY F––ING LIFE. Stay out of it," Jenelle texted them. "Talk to my lawyer. I'm done talking to you."

All the drama was clearly weighing on Barbara, who broke down explaining what she thought was happening to MTV security guard Andre. She confessed that she thought Jenelle didn't want to film because Eason fights with her every time she does, tearing up while admitting she's "very worried" about Jenelle.

"I think he's hurting her. I can see it. It's a domestic violence thing, and he's keeping her like a prisoner," Barbara said. "She can't even leave the house."

She added that she's explained to Jenelle, "It's not his show; it's your show. He's not even working, and what are you gonna do if you lose the show? I said, 'You're gonna lose everything you have.' She's gonna be homeless."

When Andre asked if she thought Jenelle wanted to leave the relationship, Barbara responded, "I think in her mind...you want to leave but sometimes it takes a long time before she leaves."

"Maybe she needs to lose everything," Barbara surmised. "Maybe if she loses everything, she can walk away from him."


Teen Mom 2 airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.

Photo credit: MTV