'Teen Mom 2': Farrah Abraham Questions If Jenelle Evans Is Divorcing Husband David Eason for the Wrong Reasons

Farrah Abraham has a lot to say about the news of Jenelle Evans and David Eason's separation. The Teen Mom alum joined the choir of personalities from the MTV franchise to wish Evans well after she announced Thursday she had left her husband after two tumultuous years of marriage. In an interview with TMZ, Abraham admitted she does not approve however of the rumors the Teen Mom 2 alum might have just made the decision to get back on the MTV series.

"I love that I hear that. I think a lot of us have been saying to Jenelle, 'You should, you know, maybe part ways, get a divorce' for the betterment of her kids and herself, and maybe for David, her husband, himself," the former reality television personality said.

"I just feel like it's a way to just go back on TV, and I think more like myself and others, who just want better crews, better circumstances for her kids, beyond just going back to television," she added. "So, I don't know. Will things change when she gets a divorce just to go back on TV? I'm just worried about her real intentions."

"Is it for her safety, her health, everyone's well-being, or is it just get back on TV?" Abraham continued.

The interviewer asked Abraham if she believed Evans was at least heading toward the right direction with her decision.

"I love the step in the right direction. I love, I guess, that it's influenced by TV, to do that thing in the right direction. That is one positive thing about TV. But I also think you have to do it for yourself as a human being," she responded.

When asked if she believed Evans has a hidden agenda behind her decision to separate from Eason, Abraham decided to take a hopeful approach.

"I hope it's not, and I always wish all the moms all the best," she said, before establishing she does not think Evans should just be doing it for financial reasons.

"I feel like so many women... find themselves in a place with, maybe a man who doesn't compliment them, and they have kids... I think showing that in an empowering way, and a good story in that way," she said. "But to keep repeating that cycle for over 10 years now. That's not something I want to watch... but I do wish them all the best."

Evans revealed the news of her separation with a lengthy Instagram statement saying she had filed "paperwork" to begin the dissolution of their marriage. Reports then surfaced that she might have been motivated for financial reasons.


"She's running out of money," a source told Radar Online Thursday. Evans was fired from Teen Mom 2 back in April, reportedly losing a salary of $400,000 per season, after Eason was caught in a scandal after admitting he killed her dog, Nugget, after it allegedly bit their daughter Ensley.

Rumors also swirled Evans was taking meetings in New York City days before her announcement. However, there has been no official announcement about her possible return to television.