'Teen Mom 2' Fans Light up David Eason's Instagram Comments After He Says He Was Robbed

Teen Mom 2 fans are lighting up David Eason's social media comments after the former reality star claimed that his home in North Carolina was robbed while he was in Tennessee for court hearings amid his split from estranged wife Jenelle Evans. While many of his followers sympathized with the dad, others weren't so empathetic.

"I hope you have a good insurance policy! Call your Insurance Agent!" one Instagram user commented on his post.

"I'm glad Marissa (sic) is safe. That has to be scary for a child to witness that," another said, referring to his 12-year-old daughter Maryssa from a previous relationship.

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#LinkInBio... I was ROBBED and THE LAND was RANSACKED! If you have any info of who did this please let me know. 😡

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"So sorry David that's so messed up," someone else wrote.

"Sorry to hear this. I hope the person or people who did this will be caught," another wrote.

"Karma," one person said unsympathetically.

"So you post a picture of yourself and not the ransacked land??? Ok....yeah," one doubter wrote, annoyed of Eason posting a link in his bio about the alleged robbery.

"Click bait? C'mon man..." someone else complained.

Eason told Champion Daily on Thursday that his home was ransacked and burglarized by someone that he suspects was familiar with the home.

"When I arrived home on November 27th from Nashville, Tenn., I immediately knew my house had been broken into," Eason explained. "I changed the locks before I left. So whoever broke in had to break in the back door which apparently they had previous experience with," he added, indicating he thinks it was someone he knew who was responsible, though he didn't name any names.

"A lot of stuff was taken, including many of my personal belongings to be missing as well," he continued. "It's really low for anyone to steal someone's tools when that's what they use to make a living and that's their livelihood altogether. Not only was the entire house destroyed, but the kids rooms look like they were flipped upside down. It took several days to clean it all up when I had already been cleaning for a month try to catch up on things that had been ignored for a while. The house was spotless when I left and came back to this."

"This has all been very stressful," he continued. "And it's taking some time getting over the fact that people broke in and destroyed my house."

It's been a turbulent few months with Eason, who admitted to shooting and killing his and Evans' family dog, Nugget, after it nipped at their 2-year-old daughter earlier this year. Shortly after that, the parents temporarily lost custody of their children, although they were regranted custody nearly two months afterward. At the end of October, Evans announced that she had filed paperwork to end her marriage to Eason and that she and the kids had moved away from their North Carolina home.


Evans cited 11 instances of abuse on Eason's end and said she feared for her and her children's lives. This week, a restraining order against Eason protecting her and her children was extended into the new year.