'Teen Mom 2' Alum David Eason Shares Photos With His 'Sweet Boy' Ahead of New Year's Eve

Former Teen Mom 2 star, David Eason has once again unlocked his Instagram account to share a snapshot of himself with his "sweet boy" Junior ahead of New Year's Eve. Eason, who has been known to periodically lock and unlock his social network since his split from ex, Jenelle Evans, disabled comments on the post, ensuring none of his fans or followers would have an opportunity to leave remarks over the two snapshots, overlaid with filters — one, a black-and-red shot of the two, while the other is in full color and features sparkles.

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My sweet boy Junior 🖤 him so much!

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Admitting that he "[hearts]" the dog "so much," it's presumed he would turn off the comments on the photo after fans could very well bring up an incident this year saw that Eason come under fire for killing his ex's dog Nugget, after it nipped at their daughter Ensley's face. The incident sparked outrage among social media users, fans of the MTV series and animal activists who wanted justice for the small pup.

Eason has had an eventful few months, following the split from Evans, who has been through a lot of pain in her marriage. From continuous allegations of domestic abuse to the mysterious disappearance of her dog, the former Teen Mom was even fired from the MTV series that shot her to fame, ultimately cutting off a major source of income for the mother-of-three. Adding to a legal battle between the former couple, Eason revealed this past month that his North Carolina house had been broken into, sharing how the incident happened just days after Thanksgiving. Further sharing that "a lot of stuff was taken," including many of personal belongings, he disclosed how the act was "really low."

"For anyone to steal someone's tools when that's what they use to make a living and that's their livelihood altogether," he said. "Not only was the entire house destroyed, but the kids rooms look like they were flipped upside down. It took several days to clean it all up when I had already been cleaning for a month try to catch up on things that had been ignored for a while. The house was spotless when I left and came back to this."

Eason also went on to share how troubling the alleged break-in was, and how everything had "been very stressful, and it's taking some time getting over the fact that people broke in and destroyed my house."


Eason and Evans broke up this past October, with the mother turning a new leaf and taking legal action to keep Eason away from her and her children following months of very public domestic violence and abuse allegations. Evans reportedly obtained a temporary restraining order against Eason, which has now been extended until January.

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