'Teen Mom 2' Star Chelsea Houska Has Fans Flipping After 'Sex' Comment to Husband Cole DeBoer in Car

There was a little bit of adult conversation between Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska and her husband Cole DeBoer this week. As noted in the Teen Mom 2 recap on OK Magazine, the couple were out celebrating the 10th birthday of their daughter, Aubree. While the spent the day at some kind of ninja/gymnastics playroom, both Houska and DeBoer decided they wanted to spend some quality time on a date that night.

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While the two were in the car together, Houska seemed to make some very suggestive remarks to her husband -- specifically reminding him of a time they had a little fun at a car wash. Apparently, the comments were so explicit that DeBoer kept having to repeatedly remind her that they were, in fact, on camera. The entire revelation came as a bit of a shock, as Houska is commonly known as something of a goodie-two-shoes of the Teen Mom clan.

Houska has obviously gotten used to living her life in front of the camera, but that wasn't always the case. In a recent interview with the Don't Tell Mom podcast, the reality star said she initially had misgivings about MTV airing an episode of 16 and Pregnant, which was her introduction into their entertainment fishbowl.

"I remember when I first started the show, someone had written an article about [me], the next girl who was going to be on 16 and Pregnant," Houska confessed. "I remember calling my dad crying. I called MTV and I wanted them to not even play my episode because it scared me so badly to see [the negative comments]. I didn't know. I wasn't prepared for that part. It took some getting used to."

While she's obviously warmed up to the idea of a camera crew following her around for the past 10-plus years, the 28-year-old has started dropping hints about when she will leave the lifestyle behind.

"I feel like we would eventually get... I don't feel it now... but I've been through ups and downs," Houska said during the same interview. "I'm like 'Can I keep doing this? Is this healthy for my mental state? You go back and forth."


While she and DeBoer stated that they're both in a good place as part of the MTV reality show family, she was quick to say add that, "if it ever got to a place where it was not healthy for us," they'd leave the show behind.