'Teen Mom 2': Briana DeJesus, Jenelle Evans Will Film Reunion Despite Threats

Briana DeJesus and Jenelle Evans will be attending the Teen Mom 2 season reunion after all, despite claiming earlier this week that they would be sitting the special out.

"Kidding guys, I have to go to the reunion cause I’m A PART OF THE CAST you know," DeJesus wrote on Twitter Sunday. "just had to regulate some stuff but everything is all gravy [crazy-eye emoji] see y’all in nyc next week."

Adding that her mother, sister Brittany and children were also planned to attend the reunion, DeJesus revealed her ex Devoin Austin, with whom she shares 7-year-old Nova, would be coming face-to-face with new boyfriend John Rodriguez. "Don't know how I feel about that, but I guess we shall all find out," she wrote.

As for ex Luis Hernandez, with whom she shares 1-year-old Stella, DeJesus wrote, "And I highly doubt Luis will be there due to nobody being able to get in contact with him but that’s fine."

When it comes to Evans appearing for the reunion filming, DeJesus said of the controversial cast member, "And yes [Jenelle Evans] will be there as long as everything is ok health wise."

"Exactly," Evans replied.

The only cast member who has yet to walk back her refusal to film is Kailyn Lowry, who wrote on Twitter Saturday, "A little birdie told me briana isn’t going to the reunion. Which is funny cause I’m not either. Let’s see how this goes."

When a follower called her out for not fulfilling a contractual obligation, she replied, "When people aren’t being treated fairly and things are not the same for all cast members across the board, things become hostile."

Being that last year's reunion filming did get violent when DeJesus came for Lowry physically over her former relationship with ex-husband Javi Marroquin, some fans were understanding that there would be concern over the safety of some of the cast members filming in the same room. Others were very much over the cast members threatening not to film.

"As much as I love [Teen Mom], I really think the time has come to call it a day," one follower wrote. "Most Moms would love to be in y’alls position, but it seems all most of you do is b— and moan. The money and fame has led to entitlement and demanding behaviour. It’s such a shame."

Another quipped, "Aw man, if I didn’t go to work every time it was unfair.....I’d be unemployed."


Teen Mom 2 airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.

Photo credit: Instagram/Jenelle Evans