'Teen Mom 2' Star Briana DeJesus Dishes on Pregnancy Rumors With New Beau

Briana DeJesus is not here for the pregnancy rumors surrounding her new relationship. The Teen Mom 2 star told Radar Online that she is not pregnant and doesn't plan on getting pregnant for "quite some time."

"Now that I'm dating Johnny and legitimately the happiest I've ever been in any relationship in my life, everyone is making assumptions I must be rushing to get pregnant. You can be in a good relationship without wanting a baby right away," the mom of two said.

Her protestations that she's trying for baby number three come a day after she tweeted a similar sentiment. "Just cause I'm on teen mom doesn't mean I'm pregnant every 5 seconds.... lol I have two kids, 6 years apart. And yes I am on birth control. Y'all need to come up with a better diss cause it's getting old lol," she wrote.

She also told Radar that she's careful about not accidentally getting pregnant. "I've said I'm on birth control multiple times and for some reason people don't want to believe that," she said. "While people are always so quick to want to judge me and my life and make assumptions about it, I can assure you I'm not being stupid."

Despite the fact that many Teen Mom 2 fans thought she might have been trying for a baby when she dated Javi Marroquin at the end of 2017 and earlier this year, DeJesus said the opposite was true.

"When I was dating Javi, I clearly wasn't trying to get pregnant with him either. No disrespect whatsoever, as I've said before that I am happy for him, but look how that turned out. He has a new baby, I don't," she said. Marroquin recently welcomed a son with girlfriend Lauren Comeau, who will be joining the MTV franchise.

But even though DeJesus says she's not trying for another kid right now, that doesn't mean she won't in the future.

"If things work out with Johnny — which of course I truly hope they do as they're great right now — will I want another baby eventually? Yes. Is that happening anytime soon? No," she explained.

"I get that I'm on Teen Mom 2 and that comes with having to be the subject of articles and rumors, but I promise when and if I become pregnant again, you will hear it from my mouth and no one else's. And that won't be for quite some time," she continued.

"I'm happy with Johnny, in a healthy relationship, and one that is pregnancy-free. And that's all there is to it," she said. "Hopefully now at least some people can let me breathe and enjoy my life for a second. Thank you for all your concern, but my life is good. Please go enjoy yours lol."

DeJesus recently discussed her birth control method with her Twitter followers, telling them a few weeks ago that she had "mixed feelings" about continuing her Depo-Provera injections.

"So I have an appointment to get my shot again for depo and I'm having mixed feelings about redoing the shot or getting on another kind of [birth control]," she tweeted Tuesday evening.

She told one fan that the only reason she doesn't like Depo is because it has changed her cycle — but after talking to her doctor, she announced that she "just got the depo again."


DeJesus is mom to daughters Nova, 7, and Stella, 1. She shares Nova with ex Devoin Austin and shares Stella with ex Luis Hernandez.