Tarek El Moussa Shares Photo of Girlfriend Heather Rae Young With Son: 'It Melts My Heart'

Tarek El Moussa can't get enough of his new girlfriend Heather Rae Young hanging out with his kids. The Flip or Flop star took to Instagram to reveal that Young spent some quality time with his and ex-wife Christina Anstead's son at their daughter's soccer game on Sunday. In the snapshot, Young sits in a folding camping chair with 4-year-old Brayden sitting in her lap while playing on a phone.

"I just had to share this because it melts my heart," El Moussa captioned the photo with a smiley face. He also shared how his 9-year-old daughter Taylor's soccer team pulled off a spectacular win against their opponent that "beat them bad last time."

"[Taylor] drove through 4 defenders who couldn't stop her and got her team to the semi finals!!. Tay!!! Daddy loves you and [is] so proud of you!!"

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He added, "And Mr. Handsome I'm glad you had fun chillin with [Heather Rae Young]."

Young also shared her thoughts on the day in her own post on Instagram. "Saturday's (sic) are for soccer games!!! Taylor had a huge playoff game!!! Her team won, and Tay scored the only goal which got them the win!!! Yay!!" she wrote alongside the same photo El Moussa shared. "While she played I bonded with handsome Bray."

"Being around the kids has brought me so much joy and taught me so much patience. Love my life!" she added. "[Tarek El Moussa.] Our life may not be perfect but it's perfect with you."

She also added that she loves "being part of Tarek's family" and that "from day one I was welcomed with open arms."

El Moussa confirmed his relationship with Young in August, and a month later revealed that he introduced her to Anstead without either of their knowledge during an impromptu meeting. "It all worked out great. I kind of threw that at them last minute," he told Entertainment Tonight in September. "I didn't tell her much. I was like, 'Hey, you're going to meet my friend,' and 'Hey, you're going to meet my ex-wife.' I threw them together in the same room, next thing I knew they were talking about vegan food and running, so it worked out great."

While Young may be spending time with El Moussa and Anstead's kids, El Moussa revealed earlier this month that he still hadn't met Anstead's newborn son with husband Ant Anstead. He told Us Weekly that he was looking forward to meeting baby Hudson, whom Anstead welcomed in September.

"I haven’t held him yet, because they’re little and they scare me a little bit," El Moussa said at the time. "But no, he’s super cute! He’s gonna be a part of my life. And I’m looking forward to it, you know? It’s the brother to my kids."

Before Hudson was born, El Moussa said he was "sure" he would have a relationship with his ex-wife's newborn.

"[He’s] the brother of my children, right? So … of course, yeah. I plan on treating her new son as good as I possibly can," El Moussa said at the time.

The ex-spouses are on such good terms that they filmed an entire season of Flip or Flop after the divorce was finalized, and they're constantly working together to closely co-parent their kids.


"Really, there’s only one tip that people need to remember: The kids are first. Like, that’s it, you know?" El Moussa told Life & Style. "If you remember to always put the kids first the rest falls into place."

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