'Survivor' Star Richard Hatch Splits From Husband of 14 Years

Richard Hatch, best known for CBS' first season of Survivor, has split up from his husband of nearly 14 years.

Hatch, 56, who was the winner of the reality TV competition, revealed the news to TMZ, telling the agency that he and his 42-year-old husband Emiliano Cabral have plans to divorce.

The former reality TV contestant also added that the reason for the split is due to Cabral meeting and falling into a relationship with someone younger.

Hatch told the outlet that the turn of events has left him devastated, but that he is vowing to continue living his life and seeking out love again.

It was back in 2000 when Survivor: Borneo took the world by storm, and Hatch emerged as the winner of the groundbreaking reality TV competition series.

A subsequent investigation into his taxes from the years following his win lead the IRS to charge him with "tax evasion." Hatch was convicted and ultimately served a 51-month sentence.

Hatch, a Newport, Rhode Island native, then went on to wed Cabral in 2005 in Nova Scotia, Canada. Though, there are conflicting reports that the two actually held a private ceremony sometime in 2003.


Following his Survivor: Borneo win, Hatch eventually went on to compete in Survivor: All-Stars, The Celebrity Apprentice 4, and, most recently, The Biggest Loser: Temptation Nation.