'Survivor' Ousts Castaway After Merge Backstabbing Drama

Survivor's season 37 merge may have brought together the David and Goliaths, but it left Elizabeth Olson isolated during the week's tribal council.

The final 13 castaways were finally forced together in the inevitable season merge in Wednesday's episode of the CBS reality show, and the Davids and Goliaths are having to figure out how to work together as the new Kalokalo tribe.

For some, like former David Olson, keeping the original tribe partnerships in tact seemed the right route, but others, like former David Nick Wilson, were willing to make alliances with the Goliaths — at least until it no longer suited him.

Despite having found two immunity idols prior to the merge, former Goliath Dan Rengering felt targeted when he learned that Olson had thrown his name out as a potential target prior to the immunity challenge, which relied on the castaways' concentration and dexterity as they fought to keep their pendulum moving and statues safe in a high-pressure situation.

In the end, it came down to Rengering, Olson and former Goliath Alison Raybould, but just when it looked like Olson's David scheming could become a reality, Raybould walked away with the immunity win.

That meant bad news for Olson, however, after Rengering campaigned for her to go home in retribution for targeting him and as part of the "Goliath strong" agreement. But others, like Angelina Keeley, disagreed that Olson was a threat, based on her relative lack of alliances and "social graces." Instead, she posited, the Goliaths should eliminate Christian Hubicki, a well-liked David who had formed a friendship with former Goliath John Hennigan.

"I don't want to wait for the game to come for me, I want to take out the biggest threat right now," she said. "And that is Christian. He's a Goliath in his own right, and I'm hoping to slay him."

In the end, Keeley was overruled by her fellow Goliaths, but was left angry at her orders not being obeyed, and crossed lines for a secret meeting with Olson to tell her the plan. But the betrayal of her alliance came back to bite her in the end, when Olson revealed the betrayal at the night's tribal council.

"The Goliaths are convincing themselves of this mirage that everything's fine ... there are fractures," Olson told the group before revealing Keeley's betrayal.

Despite her protestations, the shift from the Goliaths was palpable. However, the Goliaths stuck with their plan and the tribal vote came back with seven votes for Olson and none for Keeley.


Survivor airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

Photo credit: CBS