'Summer House' Star Danielle Olivera Opens up About the Toughest Part of Her Relationship With Robert Sieber (Exclusive)

Danielle Olivera and Robert Sieber are still going strong, even as the Summer House star juggles the jet-set life to spend time with her chef beau. Olivera opened up to PopCulture.com about some of the tougher parts of her relationship with Sieber in an exclusive interview while sharing an update on her own upcoming fashion app, Socialyte.

Traveling back and forth to places like Montauk and Aspen to see Sieber as he embarks on his own culinary endeavors has been tiring, but also "very cool," Olivera told PopCulture. "It's just hard because Robert works so hard and is constantly away and in the kitchen. And so, it's awesome, but it's also not as great as it seems because of the locations that we're in."

In the future, Olivera says she hopes Sieber is able to strike out on his own professionally to ease some of the burden on their relationship. "I hope he branches out and does something on his own, which will also... It'll take a lot from him, but he'll make the decisions," she explained. "He'll know where he wants to be and make his own hours and hire the people. So, that will hopefully make things a lot better. But we're just not there yet. Until then, we just do it."

Despite having a chef for a boyfriend, Olivera joked that she's known to splurge on food delivery: "He's a chef, but he does not make me food and I do not know how to cook myself," she joked. "Cereal, salad, got that down, but anything else, no. So I do tend to splurge and spend a lot of money on food delivery. Yeah. I'll never give up food delivery, [vintage] clothing, and just anything that makes my life more convenient. Like ride share, Ubers, things like that."

Partnering with Fidelity Bloom, Olivera said she's able to indulge in "shame-free, guilt-free spending" on the things she loves and save at the same time thanks to all the "little rewards and perks and cash back" that go right back into her Fidelity Bloom savings account. "It's a no-brainer of a partnership. I mean, it's been awesome," she gushed. "I've been using it, and I just obviously can't recommend it enough, especially because it's the summer. No one wants to penny-pinch during the summer months. In the Hamptons, especially, I'm very guilty of just doing a little bit more, being a little bit extra."

(Photo: Loren Matthew/AP Images for Fidelity Investments)

Olivera is also working hard on her own business venture after quitting her job in corporate fintech to start her own fashion app – which she tells PopCulture she hopes will be ready for beta testing by the end of summer or fall. "It's just a lot harder than I ever imagined having to do," she admitted. "Because I've always been in technology ... But this is the first time I'm on my own, and doing all of the CEO responsibilities, which is a lot more of a learning curve and a lot more time than I ever thought."

"I thought, 'Okay, we're just going to build cool software, then go,'" she said with a laugh, adding that she just wants the app to be "right" when it officially launches. "I want it to do the things that it should, because ultimately I just want to help people look their best and feel their best," the Bravo star added. "I always say put your best look forward because when you do that, you just do great things, I think. When you have a great outfit on, there's no one who's going to bring you down, and you just, like, conquer life."