'Southern Charm' Star Kathryn Dennis Criticized After Alleged Hit and Run

The 'Southern Charm' alum was caught on video seeming to strike a crossing guard.

Former Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis was allegedly involved with a hit-and-run back in October, according to PEOPLE. The outlet notes that a 2022 Ford SUV registered to Dennis made contact with a "school resource officer" in front of Whitesville Elementary School while they were directing traffic.

According to the outlet, the SUV did not stop at the scene, with the vehicle later being located at Dennis' address. Authorities had difficulty reaching Dennis, while PEOPLE claims a source confirmed the former reality star was involved.

The alleged incident earned some heated criticism from her ex, Thomas Ravenel, who labeled Dennis as the "worst person in the world," according to him. Ravenel also left the reality series in 2018, after some sexual assault allegations came to light. The comments come in response to praise about Dennis at BravoCon 2023 from former co-stars Craig Conover and Shep Rose.

"The worst person in the world I know is Kathryn Dennis and the total losers who make excuses and applaud her horrific behavior like Craig and Shep and Austen," he wrote in a deleted social media post, labeling the three "total losers."

The former couple share two children and are no stranger to sniping on social media. After some prodding from fans about what sparked his outburst this time, he made it very clear. "She was involved in a hit and run at an elementary school crossing. Anymore questions???"

The officer who was struck by the vehicle spoke to Radar about the incident, confirming she was hit by the Ford and that it was almost far worse than what was shown on the security video of the moment.

"You got a vehicle coming at you that, the speed limit over there is 35 (mph), but you can tell this person is not doing 35 and getting hit – that hurts," Michele Ward told the outlet. "Luckily, I turned around to notice that she wasn't stopping. Otherwise, I would've gotten hit in the back – blindsided ... I tried to get out of the way, but I wasn't faster than the car, unfortunately."

No charges have been filed at this point, though reports alleged Dennis is a "suspect" in the incident due to the details on the vehicle. Her kids were not in the vehicle as she is only allowed to see them under court-ordered supervision due to her struggles with drug abuse.