'Southern Charm': Kathryn Dennis Says She 'Did Act Crazy' During Relationship With Thomas Ravenel

Kathryn Dennis had some serious apologizing to do to pal Danni Baird after tension between the two bubbled up into a serious confrontation, one the Southern Charm star attributed to her difficult past with ex Thomas Ravenel.

In Wednesday's all-new episode of the Bravo reality show, Chelsea Meissner pulled Dennis aside to explain that Baird's accusation of her "self-sabotaging" came from a place of concern.

“Coming at me in front of all the girls was unfair to me,” Dennis said, defending her behavior during the girls' trip. “She had never said those things to me. That’s disappointing.”

“I think she’s just protective of you," Meissner explained. “Y’all are so close for so many years. It’s bound that something’s going to come up. I feel like it’s hard these days to find people that you feel like you can trust.”

Dennis admitted she regretted not having brought up her feelings to her friend earlier, adding that she would hate to lose such a special relationship over a silly fight.

“We’ve been best friends for six years,” she said. “She means so much to me in my life, and I’ve lost a lot of that.”

Later, at Patricia Altschul’s dinner party, Dennis made sure to get time alone with her friend to explain what had triggered her to react so defensively, as well as to offer an apology.

“I’m sorry I didn’t listen at first,” Dennis offered up. “I’ve had time to think and reflect. When I realized that you raised some red flags I’m like, ‘What is happening here?’ “

“At the trip, you brought up a few things that felt like baggage being put on the table,” Dennis explained. “I just snapped.”

Part of that sensitivity, she added, as Baird accepted her apology, came from her relationship with ex Ravenel, whom is facing allegations of sexual assault and fighting Dennis in court over the custody of their two children.

“I’m used to people talking s— about me,” Dennis explained. “Thinking I’m wrong, thinking all this bulls—, because I was with someone who made me act — or not made me — I did act crazy. Also, I went to rehab and lost my kids for three years. But Danni shouldn’t have been the target of that."


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Photo credit: Instagram/Kathryn Dennis