Skinwalker Ranch Owner on Startling UFO Moment That Made Him Believe

Skinwalker Ranch's owner is revealing some of the unexplainable mysteries he has seen on the [...]

Skinwalker Ranch's owner is revealing some of the unexplainable mysteries he has seen on the property, amidst public curiosity of UFO sightings continuing to grow. The property is said to have been the site of many paranormal encounters, including UFO sightings. (There are even rumors that a top-secret Pentagon team investigated the site.) Now, Brandon Fugal, Skinwalker Ranch's current owner, has shared his stories in the History series The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch.

"I bought the ranch as a skeptic. I had never seen a UFO, a ghost, an orb, or anything of the sort in my life," Fugal said in a clip obtained by The Sun. "Those first six months of owning it I really saw nothing myself that would lead me to believe that there was anything unusual," he continued, but then "we saw what can only be described as an unidentified flying object, a craft a forty, fifty-foot-long silver disc hovering right above the mesa."

"This wasn't just a blinking light in the sky or something that was a little bit ambiguous," he added. "This was a solid object that appeared out of nowhere could move in the blink of an eye and over a twenty-second period perform maneuvers that I believe defy any propulsion physics we're acquainted with."

Fugal purchased the ranch in 2016, partially to satisfy his own curiosity about the rumors surrounding it. Skinwalker Ranch has been a part of UFO speculation since at least the 1970s, but even in just five years, Fugal has seen enough there to be convinced that something is not right. That includes the horrifying loss of 25-percent of his cattle to "daylight mutilations."

"Literally, I had not been on the ranch 30 minutes and weird stuff starting to happen," he said, "and since then so much weird stuff has happened I am now as crazy as the rest of them. Seeing things progress from making measurements of electromagnetic signals that shouldn't be there... to seeing things that appear in the sky and then we have a cow dying on us. Then we go back at look at the video footage... and at the instant, the cow is dying something appears overhead and we capture it on video."

"We've got multiple events that cannot be explained away or debunked," he continued. "I don't know what they are but they are not like anything I was expecting when I got there." On the show, Fugal and his team have now detailed cattle being "turned inside out," lights shooting from the surrounding hills into the sky, megalithic beast sightings and, of course, UFO encounters.

Presumably, there is more to come as the season continues. The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch airs on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on History.