'Sister Wives' Star Maddie Brown Denies Rumors About Name Choice for New Baby

Sister Wives star Maddie Brown Brush recently denied rumors about a name choice some were suggesting she and her husband were considering for their new baby. Maddie had posted a family photo of herself, husband Caleb , and their young son Axel James.

In the comments, a fan inquired, “I read somewhere that you’re naming her Kayla?” brown replied by setting the record straight. “I can’t remember where,” she explained. “IDK where that rumor is coming from but I’ve heard it too. We aren’t.”

The couple first announced their new baby back in January, with Maddie telling PEOPLE, “I am really excited. This pregnancy feels less real for some reason, but I am still over the moon! I have no idea what I think it is. I’ll just be happy with a healthy baby.” Regarding how 2-year-old Axel might feel about having a younger sibling, Maddie joked, “I think he’ll be a little jealous at first. Our world revolves around him right now and that’s changing just a touch.”

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Aside from baby name speculation, many of Maddie's followers have been showing her most recent post with kind comments and support.

"You look beautiful! You are glowing! I am having my 4th a week from today," one follower said.

"A beautiful family!!! Love, light, and prayers for a healthy, as little pain as possible (I have 7.2 weeks left with our fourth baby so even I know this last part isnt always the most realistic, but still!!!), delivery!!!" another person exclaimed.

"Your wedding was shown on Australian TV yesterday. It was beautiful hey I don't know you but I cried. Congratulations on everything. Good luck with the birth," someone else wrote.

"Your wedding was replayed on tv last night and it was so fun to watch. Caleb said it was the best day of his life and the next would be the days his children were born. Seems the third best day of his life is almost upon him," one other fan said.


"You guys are so sweet!!! I’m honestly praying that you have a MUCH easier delivery this time! You are a WARRIOR but mama needs an easy birth this time around lol," a fifth follower stated.

Based on post Maddie shared a couple of weeks ago, she is likely around 34 weeks pregnant at this time, and could potentially go into labor as early as the beginning of August.