'Sister Wives' Star Maddie Brown Brush Expecting Second Child With Husband Caleb

The Sister Wives family continues to grow, as Maddie Brown Brush and husband Caleb Brush are expecting another baby.

"I am really excited," Brush, the daughter of Kody Brown and Jenelle Brown, told Us Weekly Friday. "This pregnancy feels less real for some reason, but I am still over the moon and can't wait for Axel to meet his baby brother!"

Brush also shared a photo on Instagram revealing her baby bump. "This is what moving while being pregnant looks like. We are so excited for all the new adventures! We have been utterly blessed," she wrote in the caption.

maddie bush brown pregnant instagram
(Photo: Instagram/Maddie Brown Brush)

The news was greeted with excitement from her fans.

"So happy for you," one person wrote. "Congratulations."

"This is amazing! Such amazing new chapters in your life! Can't wait to see it unfold," another wrote.

Brush and Caleb married in June 2016 in Bozeman, Montana, with her father officiating. In May 2017, they welcomed their first child, son Axel.

Brush's mother is one of Brown's four wives. Brown and Jenelle have five other children — sons Logan, 24; Hunter, 21; Garrison, 20; and Gabriel, 18, and daughter Savannah, 13. Kody Brown has 11 other children in total with his three other wives, Meri, Christine and Robyn.

Sister Wives debuted on TLC in 2010 and centers on Brown's life with his four wives and their children. The series began in Lehi, Utah, but later moved to Las Vegas and then Flagstaff, Arizona last year. Brown is a Mormon and believes his polygamous lifestyle is legal because he is only legally married to one of his wives. He moved the family out of Utah to avoid prosecution and picked Flagstaff because they do not feel discriminated against there.

"Utah is hostile toward polygamists," Brown told the Associated Press last year. "There is a very natural and subtle discrimination from the public because of those anti-polygamy laws."

Sister Wives is now in its 12th season. New episodes air on TLC at 8 p.m. ET on Sundays.

One of the plots in the new season has been Meri's attempt to establish her own business, a bed-and-breakfast house. Meri tried to convince Brown and his other wives, but it proved harder than she hoped. Her husband believes the family should focus on doing things together.

"The family's always tried to be where we go one, we go all. Everybody is contributing, we contribute as a whole," he explained in the most recent episode. "I've always felt like we are all involved in bringing our efforts to the table to support the family."


Brown later added, "We're trying here, and frankly, I'll be honest with you, because honestly, it seems a little selfish to me. I'm deeply bothered that this is all about Meri, and she can't understand the needs of the rest of the family."

Photo credit: Maddie Brown Brush