'Sister Wives' Star Robyn Brown Praises Fellow Wife Christine as 'Brave' Amid Drama With Husband Kody's One Home Plan

Robyn Brown is standing up for her fellow Sister Wives star Christine Brown after she expressed just how deeply she disagrees with husband Kody's idea to move all four of the wives and their children into one massive house in their new Flagstaff, Arizona. home. As Christine disagreed with Kody during a particularly tense scene in Sunday's episode, fellow wife Robyn took to Twitter to praise her as "very honest and brave" for expressing her feelings.

Christine has previously opened up about her feelings on living with all the wives on social media, writing on Feb. 9, "Honestly, I'm a better Mom living separate. I love my Sisterwives and I want to live next to them for the rest of my life."

"I stress ate SO MUCH after [Kody] presented the 'One House,'" she added. "I loved our living arrangement in Vegas and I just don't see why we'd mess with perfection. It. Was. Perfect."

Kody feared there would be resistance from his wives when he first presented the idea in a January episode of the TLC show.

"I love this idea, and yet I'm afraid because I'm worried about their prejudices toward it," he told the camera, explaining that a group living situation would be ideal in his opinion so that he can see all of his wives and their children every day.

"Is the idea of living in one house really special to me? Is it worth some sacrifices to me? Yeah, it is," he added.

Robyn was slightly more open to the change, but still has her reservations.

"I have never lived in one home with my sister wives so I don't really know what does work or what doesn't," she tweeted on Sunday. "All I know is stories from my sister wives and from other plural wives in other families."

She also questioned whether Kody's idea was more self-serving than family-serving.

Sister Wives airs Sunday at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.


Photo credit: TLC