'Sister Wives' Star Meri Brown Shuts Down Fans Claiming Her Axe Throwing Was Sparked by Drama

Sister Wives star Meri Brown is shutting down fans who are claiming that her recent axe throwing photo was sparked by family drama.

Last week, Meri shared a photo of herself on Instagram that revealed she was trying her hand and throwing around some hatchets at an axe-throwing range.

Many presumed that she was "thinking of someone" specific — namely her ex-husband Kody — while hurling the blades, but Meri has hit back at those allegations on Twitter, saying that the idea of her doing that is "morbid."

Some or Meri's followers have since commented on her new tweet, with one saying, "Ugh! People! I want to take an ax to social media some times! You just looked like you were having fun. Thanks for sharing!"

"I am amazed daily at the comments people make on social media. I don’t know why, after all these years I am still amazed...but I am," another person said. "Axe throwing is a great stress reliever but stress comes from many places."

"I don’t think people assume YOU were thinking of someone but THEY were (thinking of someone) lol," someone else quipped.

"Sadly Mary... that's just some people. Live your life and ignore those that aren't paying your Bill's. Big hug," one other follower wrote.

Meri's axe-throwing post comes at a time when the Brown family seems to be facing a new phase in their collective relationships.

According to various reports, Meri and Kody are not as close as they once were, and he is allegedly spending all of his time with his fourth wife Robin, and very little with wives Janelle and Christine.

Regarding her relationship with her fellow sister wives, Meri previously made a statement that many thought might be a slight directed at the other three.


"I wish more women realized that helping another woman win, cheering her on, praying for her, or sharing a resource with her, does NOT take away from the blessings coming to them. In fact, the more you five, the more you receive. Empowering women doesn't come from selfishness but rather from selflessness," Meri's comment read.

Sister Wives Season 13 recently concluded. There does not appear to be word at this time on when or if a 14th season will air, but there have been reports of cameramen around the family in there new hometown of Flagstaff, Arizona, which may be an indication that fans will see more of the Brown's in the future.