'Sister Wives' Star Meri Brown Experiencing 'Overwhelming Emotion' After Leaving Las Vegas

Sister Wives star Meri Brown is far from Las Vegas as she and her polygamous family settle into [...]

Sister Wives star Meri Brown is far from Las Vegas as she and her polygamous family settle into their new home in Flagstaff, Arizona — and it's not always the easiest.

Friday, the TLC personalty shared a selfie from a beautiful wilderness location near her home with husband Kody Brown and fellow three wives an emotional caption.

"Yesterday I had this overwhelming emotion of missing Las Vegas, the place I called home for nearly 8 years," she wrote beneath the photo. "I mean, I was really really sad for not living there anymore. So much life there, so many friends. It was home for me. I loved it."

Meri Brown
(Photo: Instagram/Meri Brown)

That feeling of being homesick didn't last too long, fortunately enough, Meri continued, adding, "Then this morning I wake up, sun is shining, beautiful day, I mean, my back yard is the mountains for heavens sake! How could I not love this??"

Fans got to watch as the Browns moved their family from Nevada to Arizona at the end of the most recent season, with trepidation on almost all sides as they uprooted for a chance to continue their plural marriage in another state. While Meri struggled to leave her friends in Vegas behind, she seems optimistic to create a new life for herself in the new city.

"Though I'm new here to Flagstaff and it doesn't feel like home yet, I look forward to this summer, exploring the city, the amazing nature that surrounds me, and of course meeting new people, trustworthy friends," she concluded. "There's a lot of life ahead of me here, and I'm anxious to see where it takes me."

Meri has also been spending a lot of time in Utah as she gets the family home she's converted into a bed and breakfast ready for business. It hasn't come without tension in the Brown family, however, with Kody admitting to his wife he thought the business venture was not only a bad idea, but a ploy to remove herself from their family.

"At the time, it was one of these things where I have a much bigger picture to deal with and this is one of those things that is more like an irritation to me," Kody said of his wife's business plans earlier this month on the TLC Tell-All reunion. "It's something that doesn't look right to me. It didn't pass my sniff test, and I'm like, 'Meri do your thing and you can do it.' At the time, very different view."

Confused, Meri asked him, "So are you good with me?" to which he replied, "In a nutshell, it always looked like, to me, that you were going to leave."

Fellow wife Christine Brown added of Meri's issues within the family structure, "I can tell Meri every day that you have a place in this family, but until she believes she has a place in the family, she never will."

Photo credit: TLC