'Sister Wives': Meri Brown Continues to Raise Questions With Cryptic 'Refillable' Post

For Sister Wives fans, Meri Brown is the puzzle box that keeps them guessing for some reason. While she seems like a typical housewife enjoying her days with family and friends, some are convinced she's the rebel of the reality series and desperate to get out of her relationship with Kody Brown.

When she posed for a photo with a "mystery man" earlier in the week, many fans felt she was going public with a new love. Since then it has been revealed that it was just a family friend and her caption highlighting "friends becoming family" is less about romance and more about getting closer with people. To drive that home, Brown posted another photo featuring the same hashtag alongside her brother.

While most of Brown's weekend was spent trying out yard work and putting a checkmark next to a crafty present to her mother she had been trying to complete, fans were questioning another aspect of her social media life.

(Photo: Meri Brown/Instagram)

In her Instagram Story, Brown shared a post that is once again cryptic and leaving fans to assume what she's intending. Her latest is a post that questions the glass half empty, half full ideas of life according to Soap Dirt.

(Photo: Meri Brown/Instagram)

"People who wonder whether the glass is half empty or half full are missing the point. The glass is REFILLABLE," Meri wrote in her Instagram Story.

Could she be addressing her future with Kody Brown? Could she be addressing her new lust for life following her family's move to Flagstaff and he own forays into being a business owner?

It is the cryptic nature that leads many fans to believe there is some sort of underlying drama, whether it actually exists or not. In the end, Meri Brown doesn't really seem to be affected by the rumors too much.

For the bulk of her time, she is having fun with trips to Disneyland, axe throwing adventures, vacations to Puerto Rico, and just hanging out with family.


While there have been plenty of reports in the past that Brown is "seeing so many guys" while away from Kody Brown, or that there is family strain because Brown went off on her own with her bed and breakfast business venture.

Perhaps fans should just listen more to her positive messages and how she's enjoying just living life.