'Sister Wives': Kody Brown's Only Remaining Wife Breaks Down in Tears

Sister Wives star Kody Brown's only remaining wife, Robyn, broke down in tears while discussing the possibility of future new sister wives. Over the course of the past year, Kody has split from his first three wives: Meri, Janelle, and Christine. There has been speculation that Kody would maybe try to seek out new wives but, per a report from PEOPLE, fourth wife Robyn doesn't seem confident that is what she wants.

During the Sister Wives Season 17: One on One Part 3 special, Robyn told host Sukanya Krishnan that she could imagine her and Kody continuing their polygamist life, she is "scared" about it since Kody's first three marriages ended so badly. "I really, really struggle with it because it feels, like, 'Oh, well. Those didn't work. So, on to [someone] new,'" Robyn said. "That's hard for me. That's really, really hard for me. It feels disrespectful." Notably, in the past Robyn has said she wants a "big plural family," so the prospect of monogamy is complicated for her. "I don't know what to do with it," she said just before breaking down into tears. "It's messing with my identity."

Robyn went on to say, "It's not the future I wanted. I want that house with us on the porch in the rocking chairs with our grandkids and our kids around us. You know, the grandparent ranch. That's what I want... I don't know how to let it go." As for Kody's feelings on the matter, he surprised fans by admitting that he is "right on the verge of not even being a polygamist," following his messy splits.

Meri Brown was Kody's first wife. They were married in 1990, and then legally separated in 2014 but remained together. Janelle Brown was Kody's second wife, marrying him in 1993. They seemed to have separated in late 2020 and was confirmed in late 2022 that they are also no longer together. Christine became wife number three the next year in 1994. Finally, Robyn married Kody in 2010, making her his fourth wife.

Following Kody's split from Christine, many fans wondered if she would leave the show, but Christine is not going anywhere. She took to TikTok to reveal that she has no intention of exiting Sister Wives. "I am definitely not leaving Sister Wives," Christine told her TikTik followers in a video posted just ahead of the new year. 

She is already getting her new Utah house set up for filming. "So you can see behind me, this is our where I sit," Christine said in the clip, sharing a little behind-the-scenes tour of her new space. "The producer sits in this lovely desk that he made behind me." She then added, "It's my basement, it's unfinished. It's super awesome. It's like my favorite room in the house is the basement." Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.