'Sister Wives': Kody Brown Reveals Real Reason Why He Doesn't Like Janelle's Home

Fans have long been confused by Kody Brown's polyamorous relationship. Part of what makes the Sister Wives star's romantic dealings is the living arrangement.

Brown appears to live with fourth wife Robyn Brown, at least for the most part, according to Radar Online. When cameras are rolling on their TLC show, Brown visits other wives, Meri, Janelle Brown, and Christine Brown on a rotating schedule. He's currently said to be refraining from visiting Janelle, however, because he's not a huge fan of her home.

An insider told Radar Online he prefers to stay at Robyn's house. The source said Kody's car was seen parked outside her house for close to a full week, suggesting he hadn't been popping by the other wives' homes.

"He didn't go to another wife's home for almost a week," a source told Radar Online. "It seems Robyn is his true wife. The rest are just living their own lives!"

As for why he doesn't like Janelle's home, Radar Online reported that it has something to do with her water heating system. According to the outlet Kody, 50, ran into Janelle and sons Logan and Hunter at an Arizona gym. He suggested the sweaty kids shower quickly upon returning home, commenting on the quality of her water heater.

"When Kody saw how sweaty they all were, he said to them, 'You guys better take fast showers, mom's water heater is terrible,'" the source said.

Radar Online reported that Kody didn't even visit Janelle on Mother's Day. She was spotted alone at a farmer's market that day. An onlooker commented on how "lonely" she appeared during the outing. Christine and her 16-year-old daughter Ysabel were seen visiting with Kody at Robyn's home that day. Neither Janelle nor Meri were present, Radar Online reported.

Janelle previously addressed the challenges people in plural marriages face. During the season finale of Sister Wives, she reportedly said that it wasn't a lifestyle for everyone, adding that it had proven difficult for her.


Speculation has long been rife about Kody favoring Robyn. Per Radar Online, he previously divorced Meri — his first wife — to marry Robyn and legally adopt her children from a previous relationship. This decision led fans to believe the TLC TV personality may have stronger feelings for her than the other wives, though he hasn't ever said as much.

Kody and Meri did have troubles in their relationship, however, which may have contributed to the decision. After the divorce, Meri admitted that she fell in love with a man online, who turned out to actually be a woman. They have since said they are working on their relationship, but as Radar Online noted Meri went several months without posting photos of herself and Kody. Naturally, fans took notice and drew their own conclusions about their relationship.