'Sister Wives' Cast Member Janelle Brown's Weight Loss Revealed

Janelle Brown is looking great after some seriously impressive weight loss.

The Sister Wives personality has been exercising and eating healthy for quite a while, which she documents on her weight loss blog, Strive.

"When I began my own wellness journey 5 years ago, I had reached a point where I knew I had to make a change," she wrote. "I felt like I had too many barriers; physical, mental and otherwise to ever be able to make a real difference in my health. However, once I took the first steps, I found that my life did change, but not in the expected way. I regained a quality of life that I did not know I was missing. I felt good enough to actively participate in my life instead of sitting on the sidelines."

The 48-year-old looks happy and healthy in her recent Instagram photos, and even though she hasn't listed an exact amount of weight that she's lost, she clearly has slimmed down quite a bit.

During her 24 years of "marriage" to her husband Kody Brown, Janelle has been open about struggling with unhealthy eating and her weight.


"I used to be a person that would order out or drive-thru somewhere two or three nights a week," she says on her blog. "And I've come back to really making the base of our meals — meat, or protein, fish, or chicken, whatever it is that I have — and then fruits and vegetables, and then adding potatoes or whatever it is that I have around the same for the children. I've seen our overall health improve, I've seen our grocery budget go down, and I think it's pretty much changed the way that we're eating at home. And that's really led to great success in my fitness journey as well — to improve the way that I'm eating."

Photo credit: Facebook/Sister Wives