Singer Jewel Returns to the Homestead in 'Alaska: The Last Frontier' Exclusive Sneak Peek

Jewel is heading back to the homestead! The "Foolish Games" singer makes her annual summer trip back to visit her family in Alaska with her 8-year-old son Kase in a exclusive sneak peek of Sunday's all-new episode of Alaska: The Last Frontier on Discovery.

Visiting with sister-in-law Jane Kilcher after a trip salmon fishing in the remote Alaskan waters, Jewel jokes she heard a "rumor" there might be some of the salmon they caught smoking in Jane's smokehouse. "Rumor might be true," Jane says excitedly, guiding the mother-son duo over to the building where their catch has been smoking, at which point Jewel excitedly exclaims, "Look at that, don't you think it's beautiful? It's like a treasure. It's like a ruby."

As the family chows down on their catch from the other day, it's clear Kase better eat his salmon quickly if he wants to keep his mom from snacking on his haul. "Do you love it?" the musician asks, adding with a grin, "Otherwise, I will eat it for you."

Jane adds to Kase that this would be exactly what his grandfather, Atz Kilcher, stands for with the "waste not, want not factor." The little boy is clearly impressed: "I think catching the fish was worth all the effort," he reasons to the camera. "It's so much better because you caught the fish, and you're just kinda like, wow, I did this!"

Jewel has fond memories of days just like this from her childhood in Alaska. "There were many a time putting some smoked salmon and some cheese and crackers in the saddlebag and taking off into the head of the bay," she tells Kase, before turning to Jane. "Did I just do one of those times where a parent like reminisces and the kid's like, 'Interesting, huh, cool,'" she asks with a smile.


"I'm so grateful to be back on the homestead and go on this adventure with Jane," the Grammy-nominated artist reflects. "It was a once in a lifetime trip, to be able to spend time with family and do things that we love, and get to live our family values. It doesn't get better than that."

Jane is most impressed with "rockstar" Kase for his aptitude upon the homestead, pointing out he caught the first fish of the outing. "I would think they would remember it forever, but I don't know the mind of an 8-year-old anymore!" Don't miss Alaska: The Last Frontier, airing Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on Discovery. For more on Discovery's latest shows from PopCulture, click here.