'Seven Year Switch': Rosslyn Questions 'Red Flags' in Bobby's Relationship With Diane in Exclusive Clip

Seven Year Switch wife Rosslyn is sensing something funny going on in husband Bobby's relationship with switch wife Diane.

In an exclusive clip of Tuesday's all-new episode of the Lifetime show (produced by Kinetic Content), which chronicles the lives of four couples as they switch partners during radical switch therapy in an attempt to save their marriages, the switched spouses meet for the first time for the tension-filled Summit Meetings.

Diane and Bobby have formed a close emotional relationship over their week-long "marriage," which is clearly something his actual wife Rosslyn resents based on their meeting, during which she struggles to keep her cool.

"He's a feeler. Do you know that about him?" Diane starts out their meeting, to which Rosslyn replies, "I do, but that's the thing. I can't get at it."

Diane replies knowingly, "He's very, very aware ... aware of the fact that he keeps you out," which clearly strikes a nerve in Rosslyn, who can only muster a "That's really ... OK!" before sitting back in her chair.

Diane explains to the camera, "Bobby is just more open to talking about his feelings than [husband] Reece and that's what I want in a marriage."

But Rosslyn is questioning how much Diane really knows about her husband after just a week together.

"That's a whole load of bulls—," she tells the other woman. "I give him so many opportunities when it comes to it. I ask him questions point blank — how he feels, 'How does this make you think?'"

Diane rebuts, "You respond in a way that actually makes him shut down, and in this week he felt safe. And when he realized that, he's cried a lot."

Closing her eyes and shaking her head, Rosslyn simply says, "OK, well that's it! That's all you have to say."

Later, the aggrieved wife admitted she doesn't trust her switch counterpart with her husband.

"There's a lot of red flags going on," she said. "I don't know her, I don't trust her. She's only spent a week with him and she makes it sound like she knows everything that I'm doing wrong and why he's not opening up. And so that was really, really infuriating."

It may not be all bad, however, when it comes to putting Rosslyn and Bobby's relationship back together.

"Switch therapy has made me very committed to getting back to a place of love and support that Bobby and I had in the past," she continued, adding, "I hope that he doesn't want to be with someone like Diane."


Seven Year Switch (produced by Kinetic Content) airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

Photo credit: Lifetime