'Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta' Consultants Struggle to Find Right Shade for 'Difficult' Bride in Finale Exclusive Preview

Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta consultants Nikky and Ashlen will have to handle a more than "difficult" bride on their own while Bridals by Lori boss Lori Allen is away in Saturday's drama-filled finale of the TLC series. Working with bride Kayla Gentry to make her wedding to husband-to-be Joel true blue, the consultants first have to find the right blue for her bridesmaid dresses — which may or may not exist.

Pulling dresses that are "all the colors of the light blue rainbow," Nikky and Ashlen are feeling a bit overwhelmed at their task to find the perfect shade of blue with almost nothing to go on. Ashlen admits, "So I do have brides who are very color-specific, but to be this set on one shade that you don't know, it's probably a first."

Bride Kayla did bring one point of reference in her groom's full outfit, which she interestingly enough brought on her own mannequin to stand beside each of the bridesmaids trying on the myriad blue dresses. "We have a bride that doesn't know what color blue. She's already pocked out the groom's, so we have that to go on," Nikky explains, before poking her head around the corner with Ashlen to get a better look at their stand-in groom. Ashlen notes, "That's a mannequin. Never ever have I had someone come in with the groom's outfit already made and then bring him in on a mannequin."

Not having Lori there to help them solve for the mystery of the lost blue is "gloomy" enough, Ashlen says, and that's before Kayla gets to have her say on all the blues they pulled for her. With French blue coined "a little too dark," baby blue belle called "terrible" and blue harbor called "too similar but not close enough" to the floral arrangements, everyone seems to be at their wit's end as Kayla shoots down every option.


The bride explains, "As similar as they look, they all have a different tint of blue to them." Bridesmaids Raleigh and Hannah Dawson don't agree. "We probably could've put all of our blues under a microscope 'cause I couldn't really tell a difference in any of 'em," Raleigh admits to the camera. As Ashlen notes that sometimes finding the bridesmaids' gowns can be more "difficult" then a bridal gown, Nikky jokes, "Find a stronger word than difficult. WWLD, What Would Lori Do?"

Will Nikky and Ashlen be able to find true blue and make Kayla's special day perfect? Don't miss the season finale of Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta, airing on TLC Saturday at 8 p.m. ET. For more from PopCulture on Say Yes to the Dress, click here.