Robert Irwin Reveals If He Would Follow in His Sister's Footsteps on 'Dancing With the Stars'

Robert Irwin is ready to givehis sister Bindi Irwin a run for her title in the Dancing With the Stars ballroom! The 18-year-old Crikey! It's the Irwins star told Entertainment Tonight he'd be open to competing on the ABC dance competition after his big sister, now 23, took home the Mirrorball Trophy in Season 21 back in 2015.

"We've gotta do that, don't we?" Robert said of the show during his interview alongside sister Bindi and mom Terri Irwin. "Yeah, I reckon it's about time, eh?" Terri teased her son in response, "When he's not wrangling tortoises, he's just dancing," to which Robert quipped back, "I'm dancing, yeah, you know me, just constantly."

When Bindi added that her brother "dances up a storm," Robert responded that if he did compete on Dancing With the Stars, he'd look to her for pointers. "I'd definitely give it go," he said, adding to his sister, "I reckon you could give me some tips. I think it'd be a lot of fun." Terri noted that her son's performance on the show wouldn't be much different than that of his late father, Steve Irwin. "I think it'd be like watching your dad dance," she joked. "Really entertaining." Robert agreed it would be worth watching either way: "I don't know how far I'd go, but it'd be entertaining," he said with a laugh.

Bindi's Mirrorball Trophy still has a place of honor at the Australia Zoo even all these years later. "This is a mom thing. OK? This is what I did," Terri revealed. "It's like the Bindi shrine. It has the dress she wore when she won the Mirrorball and this giant picture. So this wasn't Bindi's idea, but it's the Bindi shrine, and I'm very proud of it."


Now, Bindi is less focused on dance moves and more on mothering 10-month-old daughter, Grace Warrior, whom she shares with husband Chandler Powell. Robert, while he's not ready for a little one of his own, is loving being a first-time uncle. "I'm teaching her how to play the guitar and how to just love life at Australia Zoo," he said. "She'll be wrangling animals in no time, so it's very exciting, but yeah, for me, yeah it's uncle life for quite a while."