'RHOBH': Camille Grammer Defends Brett Kavanaugh Amid Sexual Assault Allegations in Shouting Match With Lisa Rinna

A typical Real Housewives of Beverly Hills dinner turned into a screaming match when Camille Grammer defended Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh amid the rape allegations against him.

Tuesday's episode of the Bravo series was filmed during the September hearing at Dr. Christine Blasey Ford testified that the then-nominee Kavanaugh had violently sexually assaulted her in front of a committee. The issue was brought into conversation at dinner when Lisa Rinna explained her husband, Harry Hamlin, couldn't be at the dinner to honor her 90-year-old mother because he was glued to watching the hearing.

"I invited him, but it's a pretty big day politically because of the Brett Kavanaugh hearing," Rinna explained. "The fact that this doctor came out — I think she's changing everything with her courage."

Grammer quietly stated, "I just have a different point of view on this one," before asserting, "She didn't have enough evidence. When you are gonna go up against the Senate with something like that, you better have your witnesses lined up because that's a very tough thing."

While the rest of the table was visibly taken aback, Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave asked, "Isn't that sickening to say?" as Rinna snapped back, "Yeah, it is."

"If [that happened to you] at 15, you would tell your best friend or you would tell your parents," Grammer said, beginning to raise her voice at the table.

"Camille, not necessarily," Rinna replied, looking completely shocked. "Absolutely not." Mellencamp Arroyave added, "I do not agree."

Rinna's friend, Robin, was also upset at Grammer's defense of Kavanaugh, saying she had been attacked in seventh grade, but had "never spoken about it until recently because of the #MeToo movement."

Grammer barked back, "I'm a victim, too. ...I told my boyfriend, I told my mother, I told my therapist. I told people! I didn't hold onto it for 35 years."

When Rinna pointed out that Blasey Ford had told her husband before accusing Kavanaugh publicly, Grammer said, "It doesn't make sense," setting off a full-on screaming match at the table.

"Do you not believe her, though?" Rinna shouted at Grammer. "Do you not believe this woman?"

"We don't know if for sure it happened or not because it's a he-said, she-said. This pisses me off!" Grammer fired back, admitting she did not believe Blasey Ford's testimony.

When Mellencamp Arroyave asked how Grammer would feel if someone doubted her sexual assault, Grammer shrugged, telling her, "That's your prerogative. This woman has some serious allegations, and I feel bad for what him and his family are going through."

When Rinna said she was shocked Grammer didn't have more empathy as a fellow victim, Camille brought her past marriage to Frasier actor Kelsey Grammer into the issue.

"I am very empathetic to [victims of sexual assault], but I've also been accused of things that I've never done!" she shouted. "I am really impassioned about this, and I know what it feels like to be wrongfully accused and humiliated all over the country, the world, for lies!"

"He is going to be a judge on our court for the rest of his f—ing life, and that is a very big f—ing thing!" Rinna yelled back.

At Kyle Richards' asking, everyone at the table took things down a notch for the sake of Rinna's elderly mother, but the issue was clearly still weighing heavily on the table.

Following the episode, Mellencamp Arroyave took to her Bravo blog to distill the issue without the passions that arose during dinner.

"No matter what side of the political spectrum you fall on, we need to take all peoples' stories seriously and listen," she wrote. "Dr. Ford was strong and brave in coming forward, especially given the publicity and judgment that would come along with it. As [Dorit Kemsley] was trying to say, this isn't about politics, it's about human decency."

"Camille's own struggles are upsetting and also deserve to be heard," she continued. "But that cannot and should not negate another woman's time and place to reveal hers just because they don't align with when and how someone else thinks things should occur. That very doubt is the reason so many victims don't come forward, to begin with."


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Photo credit: Bravo