'RHOA': Kandi Burruss Responds to Marlo Hampton's Remarks: 'What Have I Done To You?'

Kandi Burruss is tired of Marlo Hampton's disses. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star has been the brunt of Hampton's verbal lashings and trash talk behind her back since Season 14 began airing. In the latest episode, Hampton went on a tirade about Burruss while speaking with OG Sheree Whitfield, calling her a "ho" that "f—ed everybody for free" and who dates men "below her tax bracket." Burruss has been watching things happen along with the viewers and is clapping back. She was already upset over an interview Hampton did with the Reality With the King podcast where she called into question Burruss' contributions to the Black community. With the latest episode airing, Burruss has had enough.

"It's giving jealousy. That's what it's giving for me because the things that they said about me in the last episode were unprovoked. I have not said anything, I have not done them wrong in any kind of way. It's like they're looking for a reason to have a problem with me. I personally feel that it's a jealousy issue," she told Access Hollywood of Hampton and Whitfield. Marlo specifically kept bringing up, 'Why is Sanya so cool with Kandi all of a sudden? Why she wanna be friends with her? It's probably because she has more followers than us….What have I done to you? She started bringing up my past and trying to figure out people who I've dated and I'm like, 'Ma'am, let's not let us get on you. Let's not do that. Because some of the things that the ladies were saying, I felt like I could clearly go all the way in. But we just gon' leave it at that." 

"The two played ladies in the group, y'all are joining forces against me. OK."

Burruss says she hasn't spoken to Hampton since the show began airing and has no intention to. Instead, she plans to address everything at the reunion special. "No [I have not spoken to her]. I have nothing to say. I will talk to her at the reunion. How about that? I will not be holding back."

She also says that she is aware of more shade from Hampton to come on the show as the season continues to air and has prepared herself. The Xscape member previously told us that the two had a major blowup while on a cast trip to Jamaica but made peace. It appears the peace has come to an end…permanently.