Reality TV Star Jasmine Burkitt Dead at 28

Reality TV star Jasmine Burkitt has died. Burkitt, who appeared in the BBC Three documentary series Small Teen Big World and Small Teen Bigger World, passed away on June 27 "after a life long battle with a very serious mental illness." She was 28.

Burkitt's death was confirmed by her fiancé, Lewis Burke, who described her as "the most incredible human that ever walked this planet" in a social media tribute. Burke added that his fiancée was "the strongest, funniest, most kindest and purely decent person I've ever known," adding that he was "truly devastated" by her passing. Burke said Burkitt "changed my life forever and I'll never be the same. The message was shared to the couple's Facebook blog, in which they often shared updates about their daily lives. Burke said he was "writing this because she genuinely loved this page and all the followers, we called you journey-ers." He ended the post by encouraging the blog's followers, "if you have a loved one, squeeze them, hold them and tell them how much you care. Rest in peace Jasmine, I love you more xx30000000."

Although details of Burkitt's death were initially unclear, her grandfather, Norman Burkitt, told the Daily Mail that his granddaughter was found dead in the tent where she had been living with her husband, who is currently hospitalized amid health complications. Norman said Burkitt "was bipolar and had been in a unit and also there as an outpatient for some time," adding that his granddaughter "also had a problem with a heart valve and had to take three drugs a day because of that." Norman said the drugs were "very difficult" for his granddaughter and required her to "go into hospital every six months to have a check."

"We don't know what triggered this. The coroner has rang us to say there will be a post mortem. They were living in this tent because they could not get a house. The housing is desperate in Wales," he shared. "She was a fantastic girl- so clever and bright with her drawing and stuff. She broke all sorts of viewing records at the BBC and got two awards. This has shattered us, we have had no sleep. Everyone will miss her."

Burkitt, known as Jazz, was born with dwarfism. She appeared in the BBC Three documentary series Small Teen Big World in 2010, the documentary following her life over 12 months, highlighting both the highs and lows. She went on to appear Small Teen Bigger World as well as other documentaries with her mother, Bev, who also had dwarfism and who died in 2014, according to the BBC.


In a June 28 update to their blog, Burke said his fiancée "is still a part of this journey and I'll always carry her with me," adding that he is "going to achieve absolutely everything we dreamed about." Burke shared that he plans to purchase land and "build that archway that we were going to get married under, I'm going to live that off grid life, im going to make you proud."

If you or someone you know is in crisis, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or contact the Crisis Text Line by texting TALK to 741-741.