'RHOP' Newbie Says Wendy Osefo Planned to 'Ambush' Her On-Camera

Nneka Ihim alleges Wendy Osefo had a sinister plot ahead of Season 8 production beginning.

Many fans of The Real Housewives of Potomac are confused by the ongoing feud between newbie Nneka Ihim and Wendy Osefo. Both Nigerian-American women claim they were hoping their shared cultures would bond them, instead, it's done the opposite. Since Season 8, Episode 2, Ihim has alleged Osefo didn't want her on the show and that her mother threatened to submit her name to a religious shrine as a result of Ihim reportedly using Osefo's name to casting executives to get on the show. Ihin has also alleged there have been multiple phone calls between families and close friends of her and Osefo to corroborate such. Osefo denies all of it, noting she doesn't know Ihim, just in passing. But both agree that Osefo's sister, Ivy, was previously close with Ihim's cousin-in-law Lebe. Ihim says Osefo took issue with another Nigerian coming onto the show. Ihim says she pulled out her bag of tricks referencing the shrine fiasco before Osefo could put her alleged plan to attack her on camera into action. 

Ihim told Page Six in a recent interview that she and Osefo's friendly nature turned bad after a series of phone calls filled with "hostility and aggression and venom" – that were made ahead of filming and with Osefo's plan of a takedown. "I was literally terrified when I received that phone call [from Lebe] of what was done to my name, you know? Submitting someone's name to a shrine is for death and destruction," Ihim claims. "So to learn that they thought this scenario was serious enough to do that? I am afraid."

Osefo insists there was no such conversation, noting her family are devout practicing Catholics who would never use religion for evil. But co-star Mia Thornton says she's dealt with the wrath of Osefo's mother after tossing a drink in Osefo's face last season, resulting in Osefo's mother posting a long Instagram tirade toward Thornton. 

"Well, well. Ugly inside and out, crater-face Mia – a bombastic, ignorant, nonsensical, baseless, wannabe-CEO troublemaker," Osefo's mother's comment reads, which was read aloud in a recent episode. "To hell with Mia and ['Real Housewives of Atlanta' alum Cynthia Bailey's ex-husband] Peter [Thomas]. Oh, yes, I say Holy Ghost fire on Mia and Peter, and thunderstorm. Amen."