'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Star Kenya Moore Suspended Indefinitely From Show

'Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see,' Moore said on Instagram.

Bravo has imposed an indefinite suspension on The Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Kenya Moore, according to a report from Page Six. This disciplinary action comes after a controversial incident occurred at the grand opening of Moore's Kenya Moore Hair Spa last Thursday.

Moore caused a stir among attendees by allegedly unveiling posters depicting Brittany Eady, a newcomer to the show, engaging in oral sex. Eady, who had joined the cast for the upcoming season, was reportedly not present during the display. The footage of this incident was captured by Bravo's cameras, which were rolling during the cast event. Moore, 53, made the surprising decision to reveal the explicit images, although the identity of the recipient of the alleged act remains unclear.

While an insider claimed that the controversial photos were "readily accessible" online, a source from the production team refuted any allegations of threats involving firearms. "At no time was Kenya ever threatened with a weapon, nor was there ever a weapon present during the course of production," the source stated to Page Six. Following the incident, the network promptly launched an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the unveiling of the graphic images.

The scandal left fellow RHOA star Drew Sidora, who was in attendance, shocked, as she tweeted, "I'm flabbergasted and floored." Erick Robinson, a photographer present at the event, also expressed his disbelief in a since-deleted tweet, writing, "I am still trying [to] recover myself. I couldn't even take a photo, my mouth fell to the floor and I am just in awe like that was the most deadliest scene probably ever filmed on the franchise."

Addressing the controversy, Moore took to her Instagram Story, cryptically stating, "Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see. The truth always comes to light." She later reiterated her stance on X, writing, "I would never engage in revenge porn, I have never distributed private images or footage of anyone, nor solicited images owned by others to use to threaten or blackmail. I have always been vindicated. I can't talk about STORY even with people planting fake news #sweet16."

Eady, for her part, expressed her dismay at the situation via her own Instagram Story, stating, "It's never a good feeling being targeted or HAZED by someone I thought would embrace me into a new circle, that I never met." She added, "For the record, I've never once had possession of any weapons or threatened anyone ever. I've never been to jail, in fight, or even had as much as a speeding ticket. That's not my character. I am hurt by the narrative that's being displayed. Wrong is wrong."

Leaked audio from the event captured Moore allegedly making disparaging remarks about Eady, stating, "You a paid ho. Brittany does escort. There's an IG that put her emails out on blast; she charges $1,400 for an appointment. You not only a ho, you a cheap whore. You on covers of magazines being a thot. … You all of those things, OK? You over here on Snapchat. Yo Gotti was like, 'Snapchat me that p—,' and you did!" Moore has been a prominent figure on The Real Housewives of Atlanta since her debut in Season 5 back in 2012, contributing to the show's notorious drama and storylines.