Raney Family Tackles Their Greatest 'Homestead Rescue' in Discovery's New 'Raney Ranch' Series (Exclusive)

Homestead Rescue's Marty Raney is tackling his most 'ambitious' project ever as he and his family [...]

Homestead Rescue's Marty Raney is tackling his most "ambitious" project ever as he and his family take a break from helping novice homesteaders save their homesteads from the brink of failure to focus on their very own 40-acre homestead. PopCulture.com can exclusively announce the premiere of Discovery's new series, Homestead Rescue: Raney Ranch, on Tuesday, Oct. 6, when the Raney family undertakes the challenge of building a multi-generational homestead.

"After countless rescues taking them around the country much of the year, the Raneys find themselves overdue for a little saving themselves," Discovery shared with PopCulture Thursday. As Marty decides to build the family's dream log cabin in a "previously inaccessible" part of their land, 300 feet high on a cliff, he will have to get creative during the season premiere as he hauls thousands of pounds of vital gear and materials across the river to his property to get started on the challenging new project — all of which he will make more dangerous in his work truck.

If he succeeds, the new location will give him access to all the resources he would need to become the hub for a "multi-generational paradise" complete with a greenhouse, garden, workshop, and cabins for his kids. If that wasn't a tall enough order, Marty has given the team only six weeks to complete the project before getting back on the road to help with other rescues. The Discovery star "must put decades of homesteading expertise to the test, as the Raneys must fight the clock, the elements, and the 'cliffs of insanity' to complete the new and improved Raney Ranch."

Moving the homestead has long been on Marty's radar, as he Instagrammed a photo back in January, lamenting the 30 minutes of sunshine the cabins his family built in the canyon below the cliff face and revealing a log cabin "high on the ridge" was "on my radar."

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Will the Raneys rise to the occasion when it comes to the ultimate homesteading challenge, or have they bitten off too much to chew? Homestead Rescue: Raney Ranch premieres Tuesday, Oct. 6 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Discovery. Homestead Rescue is produced for Discovery by All3Media America and Raw Television. For All3Media America, Tim Pastore, Rebekah Fry and Tim Eagan serve as Executive Producers. For Discovery, John Slaughter serves as Executive Producer, and Jessica Mollo serves as an Associate Producer.