'Queer Eye': Surprise Japan Season Coming in November, Trailer Released

As the trailer put it, "Your best friends are heading to Japan." The stars of Queer Eye will be gracing our televisions very shortly. The Netflix series will be available to stream on Nov. 1. It will be a special four-part season. The series was revealed to have been picked up for a fourth and fifth season earlier in the year. The fourth installment came out on July 19.

"I cannot wait to roll up our gorgeous little gay slaves and get this ball rolling," an eager Jonathan Van Ness says in the trailer.

The show stars Van Ness along with Antoni Porowski, Tan France, Karamo Brown and Bobby Berk. The series initially debuted on Feb. 7, 2018 and has since gained in popularity as the fifth season quickly approaches less than two years later.

Speaking to HouseBeautiful.com, Brown provided some insight into what he's seen in a series that holds a special place in his heart.

"Sometimes we just get caught up on the outside, and what I love about Queer Eye is that it shows that you can fix the outside, but it's also about focusing on what got you to that place," Brown explained. "As we've gone through the seasons, people have started to identify with that more, versus being confused by the title."

Continuing in the interview, the Dancing With The Stars contestant was asked what has been his favorite moment thus far. To that, he couldn't just pick one.

Brown is a big fan of everyone that the Fab 5 comes across and is thrilled at the opportunity to make an impact in their lives.

"They all hold a special place in my heart. Anytime I see somebody have emotional growth or become more honest about what they're feeling and start to make positive changes in their lives, it's so important," he shared. "Each one is different, and I'm just excited for the world to see every single one of them," Karamo finished with. "As a group, we just keep getting better each season."

Brown is currently competing on the hit ABC dancing competition. He and his partner, Jenna Johnson, have had some close calls in the first few weeks but appear to be trending upward. Speaking to PopCulture.com, Johnson admitted that she was fan-girling about working with a star from Queer Eye.

"I'm obviously a massive fan of Queer Eye," she shared. "It's my guilty pleasure and it makes me sob like a little girl every time I watch it."


Johnson, along with the rest of the fan base, will be highly anticipating the special four-part season when it hits next month.