'Property Brothers' Stars Jonathan and Drew Scott Poke Fun at Viral $120K Art Banana in New Video

After a duct-taped banana went viral after it sold for $120 thousand, the Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott joined in with the rest of the internet by having a little fun with it.

Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan created the fruity piece of artwork that caught attention like no other and put it on display at Art Basel in Miami, Florida. The six-figure piece caught a lot of attention among the public, mostly for how ridiculous it seems, and now the popular reality brothers are having a little fun with it.

Drew started the Twitter video off by saying, "Another great Property Brothers reveal!" Then, Jonathan chimed in with, "I really stretched the budget on this one. I only paid $110 thousand for that," as he points to the duct-taped banana. Fans of course chimed in to take part in the fun.

Another user made a banana bread joke following the post.

Someone else who took part in a little fun regarding the art piece titled "Comedian" is artist David Datuna after he racked up the confidence to rip the banana straight off the wall it was displayed on in the gallery to eat it. While some, including gallery viewers, appeared unamused with his actions, there were plenty who found his joke quite hilarious. He took to Instagram with it and labeled himself as a "hungry artist."


While he found it funny, according to TMZ, the art gallery team is really upset with him, but legal action has not been taken so far. However, he was escorted to a private room following the stunt where he met with police officers who gathered his information but did not arrest him.

As for how the banana is supposed to stay fresh? There are no real instructions for buyers on how to keep the piece from going bad other than just changing it out on an as-needed basis.