'Property Brothers' Star Jonathan Scott Opens up About Blended Family Dynamic With Girlfriend Zooey Deschanel

Property Brothers star Jonathan Scott is now part of a blended family since he began dating actress and singer Zooey Deschanel last fall. Deschanel has two young children from her marriage to Jacob Pechenik, a fact that is not far from Scott's mind. During an appearance on Tamron Hall's talk show Friday, Scott said being part of a relationship involving children has not been far from his mind.

Hall pointed out to Scott that he is now in a "blended" family, which she has experience with as she grew up with a stepfather. Scott agreed, noting he is not the kind of person who makes decisions quickly and without thinking it over. "I'm very thoughtful," Scott added. "I think through things."

Scott pointed out that on Property Brothers, he and his brother often have to interact with the children of their clients and it is a "huge part of the family."

"It's their house too," Scott noted. "I always put a lot of thought into the little humans we're spending time with."

Scott, 41, said in the past he thought about adopting if he was not married or had children of his own by the time he turned 45. He was planning to follow through with that until he met Deschanel.

"I was not in a rush to be in a bad relationship, so I wanted to be with the right person," the HGTV star told Hall. "Otherwise, I was very confident in being a single dad, to raise somebody, because I think I would be a great dad."

Deschanel, 39, and Scott met last summer when they filmed a Carpool Karaoke episode with their siblings, Emily Deschanel and Drew Scott. They began dating in September, a week after Deschanel and Pechenik announced plans to split. Pechenik filed for divorce in October.

"This is somebody who I absolutely love and adore inside," Scott said of Deschanel Friday. "And it's the first time... I've never been in a - cause I'm a romantic guy, I love doing romantic, creative things - it's the very first time I've ever been in a relationship where somebody returns that to me."

Deschanel and Pechenik are parents to daughter Elsie Otter, 4, and son Charlie Wolf, 3.

While there are now children in Scott's life, twin brother Drew is itching to have children of his own with wife Linda Phan.


"Well, I'm not saying we have one ready to go, but hopefully soon!" Drew told PEOPLE earlier this month. "I think it's spending less time working and more time with ourselves. If we're always on the road filming and working, it's really tough to grow a family, I don't want to keep delaying. So I think very soon you'll see us announcing to the world."

Property Brothers airs on HGTV Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET.