'Property Brothers' Star Drew Scott Invited Twin Jonathan on His Honeymoon

Property Brothers star Drew Scott and his new bride, Linda Phan, almost had a very awkward guest on their honeymoon — Drew's twin Jonathan!

The newlyweds tied the knot five months ago in a beautiful Italian ceremony, but just took time off for their honeymoon in August.

"We just did our honeymoon last month.," Drew told PEOPLE over the weekend. "We went down to Ecuador with the WE organization. We were helping with them and then we were over in the Galapagos Islands."

Jonathan interjected, "Can I point out they invited me to go on the honeymoon charity trip?"

The contractor ended up turning the offer down. "I was like, no I will be forever pegged as the worst third wheeler of all time if I go on their honeymoon," he joked. "So I declined the offer."

Drew defended the ask, noting, "We were building for families with WE in the rainforest. I thought bringing a contractor along on the honeymoon…"

But Jonathan chimed in again, "Awkward!"

Maybe it's best that the HGTV star and his new bride went alone, as Drew said the couple had an amazing time.

"Linda was in there with sledgehammers, shovels. It was a lot of fun and helping a lot of people," Drew said. "But it was also beautiful. Ecuador is stunning."

When asked why the couple waited so long before going on their honeymoon, Drew said that the couple was busy filming things for HGTV right after their wedding.

"I decided not to go on the honeymoon right away because all of our production team and Jonathan were waiting to film Property Brothers in Nashville," he said.

"We had, what, 16 projects on the go?" Jonathan interjected.

"And we were there for three months, so we thought, let's do Nashville, and then we'll do the honeymoon. So, thank you Linda!" Drew finished.

Drew added that the best part of his and Phan's honeymoon happened in their Los Angeles home. "We also spent a couple weeks at home as a part of our honeymoon, just to relax because we never get home."


We wonder if he invited Jonathan over for that part too!

Photo credit: Facebook/Drew and Jonathan Scott