Pregnant Reality TV Star Sparks Concerns After Experiencing 'Bad Pelvic Pain'

Pregnant reality star Millie Mackintosh was recently rushed to the hospital weeks ahead of her due date after she experienced "bad pelvic pain." The former Made in Chelsea star, who is expecting her second child with husband Hugo Taylor, documented the terrifying experience on social media, expressing her worry when she believed she was going into labor early.

Mackintosh, who has documented her second pregnancy on social media, told fans in a video shared to her Instagram Story this week that she was "on my way to hospital." While Mackintosh said she was "sure everything is fine," she said she had been experiencing "such bad pelvic pain flaring up for the last kind of two days" that had gotten worse "in the last 24 hours," according to the Daily Mail. The former Celebrity MasterChef contestant, 32, explained the pain as "a really uncomfortable pressure that's kind of right low down at my pubic bone," and added "it's just been worrying me so I'm on my way to see my obstetrician."

"I'm sure it's fine. It's too early for the baby to be coming out," she continued. "She's not coming but I just need to like settle my mind so I'm just gonna go and see if everything is okay."

While Mackintoch's post sparked plenty of concern among fans, the reality TV star was quick to return with a positive update, assuring followers that she and baby were "absolutely fine." In another Instagram Story post, Mackintosh told her followers, "panic over," adding that while doctors were "monitoring the heart rate," her unborn baby "is not coming any time soon, she's absolutely fine." Mackintosh explained that the pain she experienced was due to her baby's head being down and "pushing on my pubic bone... she's not engaged so she's not about to arrive any time soon." She later encouraged others who may have concerns during the course of their own pregnancies, regardless of how small, to consult their doctors.

"My advice would be to always go and see the midwives / or your obstetrician if you are worried about anything at any point in your pregnancy," she wrote. "They really put my mind at rest, seeing an osteopath tomorrow so that should help with the pelvic pain."

Mackintosh first announced in June that she and her husband were expecting their second child, sharing that she "couldn't keep this to myself for much longer and I'm running out of ways to hide my bump!" The couple are already parents to 17-month-old daughter Sienna.