'OutDaughtered' Returning for Another Season, Adam Busby Confirms

The TLC series OutDaughtered will be returning for a third season according to a new message from [...]

The TLC series OutDaughtered will be returning for a third season according to a new message from Adam Busby.

Busby, the father of the only all-girl quintuplets in the U.S., took to Instagram on Friday to confirm that the show's third season was coming soon.

"Finally! We can FINALLY share with you all what we have been keeping a secret for soooooo long!" Busby wrote. "Many new changes coming to the Busby family in the coming weeks."

The TLC personality added hashtags for "OutDaughtered" "It's a Buzz World" and directed fans to a longer statement on the family' official site.

The statement was presumably on behalf of Busby and his wife Danielle and detailed that they have been keeping the new season's production under wraps since the fall. The third season was reportedly ordered by TLC in January 2017, but word of the show's return has been queit since the season 2 finale on Sept. 12, 2017.

"We are so excited to finally talk about what we have been having to keep a secret!" the statement read. "It's like a weight has been lifted off of our shoulders, and we can now announce that we are coming back for a new season of OutDaughtered and have been working on this project since Fall of 2017."

As far as what fans can expect in the upcoming season, the Busbys promised a wide variety of family moments with be shown.

"This season is going to be FULL of fun moments with the girls and also some pretty crazy twists and turns as we are navigating life from Post Hurricane Harvey, to Holidays, to new milestones with the girls, Birthdays, and even a BIG Vacation!" the statement read. "This will totally be the BEST season yet!"

The family is apparently unsure when exactly OutDaughtered will come back to the airwaves.

"While we are still unclear of the specific air date later this year, we wanted to give an update and let our fans know that you can definitely expect some more Busby fun in the future," the statement said.

It is also unclear how many episodes of the TLC reality series will be produced for the third season. The first season of the show consisted of only four episodes. However, season 2 was bulked up to a more typical episode count of 23 installments, which aired from Nov. 26, 2016 to Sept. 2017.

Danielle also spoke with People about how the family has changed since we saw them last.

"The quints have also changed so much," Danielle said. "We no longer have five babies — we now have five little kids, in addition to [our 7-year-old daughter] Blayke. One of the biggest milestones we've reached is that they talk nonstop with real words and sentences. All day, every day, our house has six or so different conversations going on at one time — and you have to try and keep up with all of them!"